Why the "Wow!"?

Taken in Hand is not a lifestyle. Rather it is the normality for which man and woman were created to live together in harmony.

The naturally occurring routine explains the “Wow!” when a couple stumbles upon a Taken in Hand relationship. Suddenly, previously incomprehensible parts of a marital jigsaw puzzle seem to magically float into place.

Taken in Hand is about taking a woman in hand for the purpose of conceiving a marriage. During the process, she will suffer the pangs of penetration and birth. Only, in this case, the man breaks the woman's mental hymen and impregnates her with an intimate bonding from which is born a marriage greater than vows and coitus alone can ever hope to duplicate.

She emerges as a new creature—released from the bondage of the dragon that protected her before meeting the knight that would set her free. From the pain of his control of her there emerges peace within, domestic tranquility without, and stability for all to see, admire, and even envy.

The need within the woman for this level stability is so visceral as to defy attempts to explain it. Conversely, efforts to conspicuously avoid being Taken in Hand warp some women to the point that—with due respect accorded to psychotherapist and author John Gray—these vociferous and nefarious creatures appear to come from Pluto rather than Venus.

Continuing to borrow liberally from Gray's less offensive insights, Taken in Hand allows men to fix-it and women to experience the cleansing well. Women in Taken in Hand relationships understand the power of tears in keeping a woman sane at those times when it appears that the gods have indeed conspired against her.

At the same time, being able to take his woman in hand allows men to keep from hibernating in their emotional caves—while leaving the woman to keep up appearances, before finally calling it quits (frequently by filing for divorce) as she gives up on becoming the woman she was intended to become.

When the bright sunshine and floating steps of romance would normally give way to painful disillusionment and coagulate into the haunting emotional midnight of misery—the stage in which most divorces occur—Taken in Hand brings about an awakening to realize the gift and potential within the marriage of two otherwise ordinary people as they become something greater than the mere sum of their individual selves.

The couple nourishes each other as nature intended. They can do what all couples start out doing—living on their love for each other against all odds.


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Advice for me?

I reacted negatively to your comment on this thread which was a version of this present post of you. I must apologize, I got to realize that my reaction could come from an envy. If only I could see my man as so superior to me! But my reality is that I see areas where I am better and areas where he is weak. We also have history of not fulfilled expectations which we did not solve yet. I would be grateful for any advice for my situation.


The Ride to Ecstasy

How to take a woman in hand does not emerge from the mind of a man as did Athena (Minerva) spring full-grown from the head of Zeus—an all-wise god-like man. Woman teaches the man how to handle her, not only through her words, but more importantly through her actions and reactions.

Taken In Hand women want the wild horses in their mind tamed so the beasts do not trample the beautiful garden within. It is not mere happenstance that many women love tamed horses and the exhilaration of primal power between their legs on a headlong ride.

Understanding the mythological implications explains why sophisticated women—even those without benefit of equestrian participation—sometimes use evocative language intimating a whipped rump, a bridled tongue, sure hands on the reins, and the ecstasy of being passionately ridden by a man before a long soothing rubdown in a nice, clean, fresh marital bed.

With its neo-puritanical dialectic, political correct feminism imposed a *de rigueur parvenu* to govern the bedroom. No whip. No bridle. No guide. No ride. Only, despite promises of liberation from a man's raised hand, women discovered that the recently imposed quirky politics of the bedroom not only provided No Security, it was not even healthy for them or their marriages.

In fact, the absence of a relevant understanding of the mythological underpinning for *domestic discipline* in the *modern* and *post-modern* world help explain why some BDSM practitioners like being tied-up as if bridled horses by proxy—ready for the crop and a quickie bareback ride before being put up wet when young and out to pasture when done. As with all parlor games, the *kink* exists in the absence of a healthy and meaningful context.


Another fine article, Noone—I really enjoy a lot of what you have written on this site. I, too, tend to see loving male dominance within a romance as the most natural order of things, even if many people do have other preferences. I'm also dismayed by how hard it is to find that today, due to the toxic effects of Political Correctness suppressing our innate masculine and feminine tendencies and desires. It's hard even to find anything in this culture that reflects that ideal, aside from this website and a few other scattered bright spots.

It can get so hard waiting for surrender, waiting for that knight to come along. We can get tired of feeding our inner dragons, just so we can keep on living without that strong man that the feminine heart is longing for. Sometimes I feel exhausted by the waiting, and I'm sure other women feel likewise. Sometimes it seems easier to just give up and be reconciled to a life alone. If only more men knew about this possibility for relationships, and realized just how "Wow!" it can be, and had the fortitude to pursue it and to work at it. Then maybe it wouldn't be quite so hard for women to find strong, loving and dominant men.

I can only hope that the word starts to spread more widely, and quickly. Maybe some day the world will once again remember what's so wonderful about men and women being so different.

depends on the couple.

When it is two people who desire a taken in hand relationship equally I would agree with noone. Not all people do though. Not all men wish to be dominant. Some are just so laid back that it is too much effort for them. My ex husband could not be a taken in hand man if his life depended upon it. Well maybe he could but only for a weekend. It would just be so alien to his nature.
Some men are very passive and want to be dominated.

If one is wired for this and meets another who is wired for it then it can be fabulous fireworks. When however that is a mismatch there can be frustration and anger. Divorces tend to happen when people are mismatched.

If by natural you mean some men and women are naturally inclined to this then yes I would agree but it by no means applies to all of the population. Without seeing a good study I would not even hazard to guess what sort of percentage it apples to. I don’t think you can rely on the views of people who write here as the general populace view. It is too selective a group.


The Wow

I don't know why there's that WOW factor but it sure is a good thing.