Why is real punishment spanking erotic?

Why is real punishment spanking erotic?

Many Taken In Hand folk do not use physical discipline or punishment in their relationship. But for those who do, this series of articles explains some otherwise puzzling facts and paradoxes.

Why, people often ask, is real punishment or discipline (spanking, caning, cropping, paddling, switching, whipping, etc.) erotic even though it can be extremely painful and anything but erotic while it is happening? And why do Taken In Hand folk often (though not in all cases) find so-called erotic spanking decidedly unerotic? Why do some (but not all) Taken In Hand folk find maintenance spanking lacking, somehow? Is punishment spanking a Taken In Hand woman like spanking a child? If being punished is erotic, surely that means it is just a game?! If being physically taken in hand is erotic, how can it possibly effect changes in behaviour? If the woman loves being punished, surely she will act up to get more punishment? So wouldn't it be better to find some other means of punishment that she would genuinely hate? How can giving her something she craves help?! How can spanking possibly help couples solve problems?!

You will find the answers to these questions in the following article series:

Part 1: Why you shouldn't mention the 'M' word
Part 2: Being taken in hand is hot!
Part 3: Why you should not withhold spanking!

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