What I get out of it

In the past, I always felt I had to suppress my natural tendency to control. Where then, I would keep things to myself so as not to rock the boat (at great cost to myself, it has to be said), now that I'm with my Lady Love, there's a huge sense of freedom and power. Where before, I was half a man, if that, now I am free to be the man I have always dreamed of being. It's an intense feeling of freedom, love, gratitude, and yes, power.

When we're walking down the street holding hands like young lovers, I know she's mine, she belongs to me, and it's a great feeling.

When she gets out of hand and I take her in hand, and she cries and screams but still presents her butt to me, never once getting up and leaving the room, always submitting, consenting, the connection I feel to her is intense, both emotional and sexual.

Best of all, I get to be the head of the household and have things how I want them in my own home, and my Lady Love LIKES it that way. I have it all: peace, order and harmony, and great sex and a loving bond. What man could ask for more?

Todd Evans


Your comment could be written

Your comment could be written by my husband. I once overheard him speaking to one of his friends of more than 20 years, and he talked about how happy he was now that he could just be himself. He, like me, was not married to the correct person the first time and he had to 'hide' the real him. With me, he no longer has to do that. He is in charge and has all the abilities necessary to make a good husband and father. I no longer have to hide the real me, consequently I am a better wife and mother. I think a lot of this comes down to being able to be who you are with acceptance from the one you love.