What easy-to-say word gives every lover pleasure?

What easy-to-say word gives every lover pleasure?

There is a word you can use that is highly likely to give your lover an enormous amount of pleasure. It is not a word that you are likely to have difficulty bringing yourself to say. It is not a word you could not say in front of the children or your grandmother. It is not a word that would offend anyone. What is it?

Yes, you've guessed it. The word that would give so much pleasure is your lover's own name—unless you say it in the heat of passion with your husband, of course. (I jest!)

I discovered this some years ago, when I found myself feeling unaccountably drawn to a man who was pursuing me. He was rather young (fourteen years younger than I) and quite fat. Eventually, I realised that I was drawn to him because he was such a nice, warm person, and in particular, because he used my name a lot. (The fact that he had flown literally halfway around the world to meet me was neither here nor there!)

Hearing my name made me feel warm and cosy and slightly excited. I felt that his full attention was on me, that he was really interested. Using people's names gives them a feeling of visibility. It makes them feel appreciated. Try spreading a little happiness around those you love: use their name. It is such an easy and harmless way to give people joy.

the boss

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Hmmmm - a lovely point

I agree the boss—showing you are paying attention to your partner and that you place them in central focus when you are together is very warming. I think anything that shows or demonstrates that will help a relationship. For myself, I enjoy very gently touching and carressing my partner's hands when we are at a restaurant, and caressing her hands and leg as I drive (yes, I DO get comments of "Drive Safely! from my partner!),

but anything that brings a feeling of intimacy to a moment is worth doing.


The Power of Touch

I agree with Random. I find it very difficult to refrain from physically touching my partner, regardless of what situation we are in. Whether it be holding hands while we are out shopping, resting my hand on his leg while he is driving or holding hands across a table at a restaurant.

Yet generally I would not describe myself as a tactile person. I can only guess it's the connection that we have together. We are coming up to our 7th anniversary and still feel the same. Yet couples we know have been together a lot less time and rarely touch. I can't understand people that say this kind of touching fades over time. It hasn't for us and I hope it never will.

Just a month ago...

...in a love letter to my sweetie, I finished up with a paragraph explaining to him how lovely I feel when he says my name. I told him that I enjoy all the other names he calls me as well; but just the simple use of my name can send chills down my spine.

Since I made him aware of how I feel when he uses my name, he has begun using it much more frequently. swoon! I suppose I've said nothing profound here, but I simply had to chime in with agreement. Nothing makes a person feel more at home than the affectionate use of their name. I do the same for him as well.

The light goes on

It just so happens that my husband and I were discussing this the other day. He has some sweet pet names for me but I told him that I like it when he calls me by my name. When he speaks my name it is like a light goes on inside of me and I love it.