Another Taken In Hand forum - the yahoo group

Readers have frequently asked me to set up a discussion list, perhaps on Yahoo. I have now decided to do this, for the following reasons:

1) Taken In Hand is a website of articles with discussion flowing from each individual article and remaining associated with the individual article. This has its advantages but it also has the disadvantage that it is not conducive to more meandering discussions. I get complaints when comments veer too far away from the point of the original article starting the thread. A Yahoo group (or what used to be known as a “list”) is conducive to more meandering discussions, and to change the subject, you can easily change the Subject: line.

2) This website has thousands of visitors every day, whereas a list would have relatively few subscribers, so it might have a more cosy community atmosphere and more subtle discussions. The list might inspire posters to write articles for the website.

3) Some readers have slow connections or for other reasons prefer to use email only. I have tried to make this site fast to load, by avoiding graphics, but still some have an aversion to the web. With a yahoo group, you can choose to view posts on the web (with Yahoo ads, admittedly) or you can choose to receive individual email messages in plain text.

4) A list is just a different kind of forum, with a different structure, and I thought it might be fun to give it a try.

Rest assured that I have no plans to abandon this website. The list/group I have set up is in addition to the website, not a replacement for it. And if everyone stops posting on the website in favour of the list/group, that would be most disheartening, since the future of Taken In Hand depends upon people posting on the website. So please do keep posting here, everyone!

Don't forget that there is a readers' forum on this site. Some questions you are thinking of posting on the Yahoo list might be better posted on the forum here on the Taken In Hand site.

For those who want to subscribe to the yahoo group (strictly adults only, please), first register and log in to Yahoo, then check that your age is in your yahoo profile (Yahoo is apparently very strict about this and they simply delete any adult group that does not adhere to this rule), then click on the “join this group” button on and follow the instructions.

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