The face, the mask, and the dream

Everyone has a dream mate, the ideal and ultimate partner to fulfil a
lifetime fantasy. That rarely, if ever, happens in real life. When you
have a relationship with someone, you actually relate to three
persons; the one you wish to see, or the dream, the one you think
you see, or the mask, and the real person, or the face behind the

The spark usually, but not always, hits you when the dream
comes very close to resembling the mask. Later, when you get better
acquainted, you see bits and pieces of the face. Then the mask
seems to change, or shifts in appearance, and becomes less like the
dream and more like the face. If this shift becomes too radical,
you can become very disillusioned, because you can't tolerate the
difference between the mask and the dream, you can't allow this
person to be human, because there is too much that clashes with the

Most broken relationships come to a tragic end because they
are allowed to become too deep too fast, while the mask still looks
like the dream. Ideally, you want to see the face, but that rarely
happens even in the most intimate of relationships. But it's good to
wait until you are pretty sure the mask at least bears some close
resemblance to the face.


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This is such a great article.

This is such a great article. Thanks for writing it. It really clarifies some stuff for me in my life right now.


Lack of Patience and a Strong Desire

This is really a capsulized description of almost all of my
relationships, with all throttle and no brakes. I hope it keeps you from
making some of the same mistakes I did.


Beautiful article, KrosRogue

My, that's a beautiful article, KrosRogue. It really made me think. Keep them comin'.

Truly..the shift must be given time

The longest relationship in my life was all of this. The face behind the mask was my dream. It took over 10 years--but so worth the given time.

I've ALWAYS seen the mask, ...

...often seen the dream, but NEVER seen the FACE.
Such is the disappointment of living life OUTSIDE of the dream-world.

It takes a SPECIAL woman to turn me on. Appearances provide an excellent stimulus, but, in MY case, SELDOM provide an avenue of pleasure.

Most men find a physical stimulus to be sufficient. WHAT? A WILLING and submissive woman? WOW! A man's ULTIMATE DREAM! Hmph! Any man's but mine! MY woman must be TOTALLY !!!!MINE!!!! MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!!!! I have NEVER found a woman like that, although I DID find the ILLUSION of such over a decade ago. BUT, as I NOW know, that was MERELY an ILLUSION, one which I so DESPERATELY allowed myself to see.

Mike Starre