Problems seem easier to solve

Taken In Hand relieves tension and increases goodwill

In a perfect world, no one would get angry or bear grudges and any problems arising would be solved instantly, but in the real world, in real relationships, life is not always quite so perfect, and spouses sometimes make mistakes. The Taken In Hand idea doesn't just take this into account, it provides a brilliant—not to mention exciting—solution to the problems and tensions of real life in real relationships.

When a man takes charge, his wife no longer rejects him sexually

When Edwina and her husband discovered Taken In Hand and the idea of the wife being sexually available to the husband, the benefits were many, as this article shows. Her husband had been rather passive and tentative, and had suffered from feelings of rejection when that approach had not thrilled Edwina. The last thing many women (Taken In Hand type women, anyway) want is to be asked whether they are tired as a way of asking tentatively for sex. What they want is to be firmly taken by a man. They don't want to be in the position of giving permission, and the passivity and timidity and pathetic pleading nature of such interactions can be viscerally repulsive and result in the very rejection the man feared in the first place.


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