Taken In Hand - the bare essence

My name is Charlene, and I'd like to introduce myself. My husband and I discussed how we wanted our marriage to be before we got married. We both agreed we wanted a “1950's traditional relationship”, where the man was in charge and the woman followed. We argued with our progressive pastor for 4 months to get him to put the word “obey” back into our marriage vows. To us, it is the man's job to protect his family and to be the pillar of the household. It's the woman's job to nurture and support, and of course, obey.

We've been active in the BDSM community because it was the closest thing we found to what we knew we wanted: a dominant/submissive relationship. However, the BDSM community ties their brand of kink into the power exchange, and also uses words like slave and master that we haven't been comfortable with. But we still used information from that community, distilled it down to the bare essence, and have built our marriage. We even came to enjoy certain aspects of the BDSM community, even though it really doesn't represent our relationship well.

We were both thrilled to find the Taken In Hand website. It was exactly what we've been doing. To us, it took the essentials of a male dominant power exchange and stripped away all the other layers that the BDSM community puts on it. It also fits the model of the Christian marriage, but pulled all the biblical references out. We've been thrilled to have articles to read that aren't flavored by the community they are representing.

So anyway, thanks for having this site where we can continue to exchange ideas as we learn more about what Taken In Hand means to all of you, and continue to grow our relationship!


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