Taken In Hand as opposed to completely docile

The expression 'Taken In Hand' implies that a woman may need to be actively controlled from time to time, and won't always be completely docile and compliant.

A woman may love a man, and want him to be in control, but won't necessarily be a complete pushover. She may sometimes be resistant.
she may sometimes be irritable, sullen, bad-tempered etc. She may react sulkily when told off about something (I mean 'I' rather than 'she' in this case). A man who gives up at the first sign of resistance won't go far with most Taken In Hand inclined women.

I, for instance, fully intended when we started this, to be cheerfully compliant with all my husband's wishes in domestic matters, never to neglect the housework, always to tidy up, never to argue when he told me to do something etc. However, I found it did not work out quite like that in real life, and I have often found myself being resistant despite my intentions. My husband, however, does not have any trouble coping with this, and I usually cave in pretty quickly once he starts cracking the whip. If he was not prepared to do this, and just lost interest at the first sign of resistance, we would not have got very far.


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This makes complete sense.

I think there's only so much fight in me; I'm generally very easy-going about most things. However, there are going to be days and issues that come up where I can't automatically back down. It's inevitable. I always hope the man will not automatically give in at that point, because... I don't mean to be difficult, I just need persuading. ;-) Now, persuasion takes many forms. Some types of persuasion can be quite forceful, some could be less so. All attempts to get his way will be met with interest, however, since the entire point of a relationship, as far as I'm concerned, is to adapt to him and get along in harmony. I am very adaptable, though, it has to be said, but certainly not to everything, and there will always be certain boundaries that I won't be able to get past.

I'm with you on that one

On that I would heartily agree for a lass who is completely docile would seem to have no opinion or character, hardly the most exciting person to be around.
The odd personality clash is what keeps you interestead in one another and it helps you repect one another for example: if you have your own opinions on something that clash with those of your partner they will still repect you if you hold true to those views even if they don't agree, thats how you learn from one another.
People who give up at the first hurdle of resistance have no willpower for a challenge and are not fit to lead a relationship if they crumble at the first sign of things not going their way.

Problems at the Extremes

A balance exists between being docile and being contumacious. Difficulties lie at either extreme.

On the one hand, if a woman never has an opinion, she will let her husband make foolish mistakes. On the other, the difficult woman will destroy her family by being an impediment to both her husband and her children.

From time to time, women need to test men if they are to maintain their sanity. Thus, the doormat wife can be just as unhinged as one whose sense of independence makes her an impregnable fortress.

Unless the man waits until the woman comes to loathe him, there is an unsecured back entrance to her mind through her buttocks. *Knocking* on this door is the one way that a woman is all but guaranteed to *listen* to the man to whom she is emotionally attached.

Claims of *choice* notwithstanding, this unsecurable gate to a woman 's mind exists for more than personal preferences. It is a product of millennia of interaction between men and women.

Although nature experiments, those women so disposed were more likely to breed and pass their characteristics onto succeeding generations. The same is true of men willing to physically and literally take a woman in hand.

There have been times when both survival of the family—even survival of the species—depended on men and women having a remarkably harmonious relationship. Modern era mankind—with its relative longevity and ease of life—has lost touch with this once imperative dictum of survival.