Contributors' guidelines

Be sure to read the posting rules and take those into account as well as the following information:

We have lots of different contributors and columnists writing for Taken In Hand, but it would be lovely to have more. Would you like to be one of them? If so, please don't be shy! If you have an idea, do feel free to submit it. If your article is selected for publication, it will be edited if necessary, and put up. If the editing is significant, we'll send you the edited version so that you can approve it. Unfortunately, as this is not a commercial site and is a labour of love, you won't get paid for any articles appearing here. Don't let that put you off!

When submitting an article, please give your assurance that it is your original work and that it has not been published elsewhere in any form. If it has appeared somewhere (for example, on the internet) before, please say exactly where and when. On no account post anything on this site that is not your own work, unless you have permission from the writer. If you have permission, state that you have permission. What we are looking for is original material that has not been published elsewhere. But if, say, you once posted a version of it on a group with few readers, that might be fine. Just let us know where it was posted.

Another point to bear in mind is that if you are saying the same thing as someone else has already said on this site, your article would have to be particularly interesting, well-written, and fun to read in order to be accepted.

Articles that are fun to read and witty as well as being interesting and useful are more likely to be accepted, because our aim is to be entertaining as well as informative.

Note that this site specifically focuses on Taken In Hand relationships, and we are currently being a bit more strict about this than we have been in the past, so you need to ensure that your article is on-topic for this site. A Taken In Hand relationship is a fully-committed wholehearted sexually exclusive marriage in which the husband wears the trousers and is firmly and actively in charge (to his wife's delight!)—and he puts his wife and their relationship first. Putting her and the relationship first is the key to creating a marriage in which the man is in control in a good, healthy and sustainable way. Taken In Hand wives tend not to claim to be submissive (though their husbands may well consider them to be so) but they do respect, honour and appreciate their husbands and strive to please them.

Incidentally, please note that posts advocating submissiveness or service submission, and posts asking how to become more submissive, are off-topic for this site and should note be posted on here.

As a general rule, if you make your article about the underlying substance of the Taken In Hand relationship, as opposed to focusing on the overt form the relationship takes—writing about the relationship, the philosophy, the underlying relationship dynamics or the psychology of control rather than about sexual practices, spanking, and other such details—it is more likely to be accepted.

We have received a number of heartfelt, beautifully-written posts recently, that have nevertheless not been accepted for publication. Currently, the two most common reasons for rejecting posts are that (1) the post is advocating submissiveness or frowning on Taken In Hand women's lack of submissiveness (i.e., it is a post that might be more appropriate for a D/s site) or (2) the post is about how bad the writer is, how unable to control herself she is, and/or how she desperately needs to be disciplined/spanked/punished, and/or how terrified she is of being spanked and how much it hurts (i.e., it is a post that would be more appropriate for a DD site).

If you ensure that your post does not mention spanking, discipline, punishment, submission or being submissive, and you are not glorifying bad behaviour or a lack of self control, it is much more likely to be selected for publication on this site. Incidentally, the purpose of this policy is not to denigrate D/s or DD, it is simply that Taken In Hand is not those things and that needs to be more clear than it has been.

The other common problem is that the writer previews the post but never completes the final step of clicking the button at the foot of the preview to actually submit the post. Don't forget to post your submission. Always check that you have actually posted it. Keep a copy of it just in case.

Articles should be tasteful, non-pornographic, and whilst they can indeed be erotic, they should not be explicit or exhibitionistic. Avoid giving too much information, and note that it is perfectly possible to write erotically without being graphic. (We have nothing against graphic writing, etc: it is just not what we want for this site.)

DO NOT post anything resembling a personal ad, or any post that could be interpreted as fishing for a partner, either on the main site or on the yahoo group. Such material will simply be deleted. Don't even mention that you are single. Unless you have a history of writing really fascinating and on-topic posts for the site, a post mentioning that you are single is highly unlikely to appear. The site is being overwhelmed with personal ad style comments, and they are all being deleted.

Question: “How do I find someone with whom to have a Taken In Hand relationship if I can't post a personal ad?!”

Answer: Post interesting on-topic posts, comments and articles and you will attract attention through your on-topic content.

See also this page. (We do occasionally accept introduction posts (personals) but only in the correct section of the site, and only if you follow the steps outlined here.)

For a better feel for the sort of articles we are looking for, see this page, this page and all the articles linked from it, this page, take the tour, and read the answers to the questions linked from the the FAQ page.

Any format is acceptable, but if you want to make life extra easy this end, follow these guidelines:

- Instead of CAPITALISING for emphasis, use <i>italics</i>. Don't use bold text.
- Dashes should be m-dashes—like this:—. For this dash, type &mdash;.

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