So grateful - Taken In Hand has set us free

Until last week, my secret desire was one that I thought I was alone with. Despite three years of happy and monogamous marriage to Tim, I felt dishonest as I could not tell him what I was aching for inside. My true desire was for complete submission to him. Like many of your readers, I am all for equality of the law and civil rights, employment etc., but for me, I cannot escape what my nature is demanding of me. I thought eventually that I would have to tell Tim what I really wanted. In our love-making, he would take the lead and even pat my bottom with half spanks, which he knew sent me wild. Over the years I have often submitted to his will in decision making.

However, something more was needed. I was terrified of going into what seemed an extreme relationship with a partnership already established. One night, I happened to be browsing when I came across this site. I heard Tim walking by the study where we keep the computer. My instinct was to quickly switch off the link, but with a beating heart I waited and was aware of him sitting down quietly next to me. We read in silence for a while and then he asked me what I thought of these women who were in hand. I remember the flush on my face and the sensation of thrill and danger as I turned to him and said, “I would love to be in hand totally, Tim.”

We talked until the small hours that night. I remember it as an ecstatic release. At one point I explained that I would love to sometimes be nude when he was dressed, so he undressed me then with love and I sat naked on his lap whilst we went on defining what we both wanted. Feeling vulnerable and naked whilst in his loving strong arms was a spur to total honesty.

Since then, I have found that our relationship has been cleared of muddle, that my submissive yielding has made us both defined and at peace. He has spanked me properly now a few times and I have spent some time naked for him. The nudity is liberating as we would only previously be naked in bed or for sex. It is my way of sometimes feeling feminine and vulnerable.

I am so grateful for your website in setting us free.


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Secret desire

I understand how you must have felt with your secret desire. I had wished for a relationship such as this all of our married life. I thought however there was something wrong with me so I would push it far away from my mind. I figured it would never happen.

Then one day while browsing the internet I accidentally found this site and I was excited. Excited because it is something I have always wanted yet I was shy about my inward desires. I wasn't sure what my husband would think. He checked out the site and we talked about it alot. Then decided it was for us.

It has truly been a life changing way of life for us.

This site has set us free also

I recently posted on here that I was wanting my husband to take me in hand, and that we had tried a few times but it never worked out.

However, since then, we have decided to try again. This time it seems different. I feel sure my husband wants this and that he means what he says about taking me in hand.

Maybe it was I who would not submit fully to him because I was scared. We talked about this and he reassures me that he loves me too much to even think that he could scare me.

I feel cherished and loved even more now. I have always had feelings of being totally submissive to him, and he says he is naturally dominant. The relationship has strengthened in just a few days. I can't wait for him to come home from work and I just melt when I see him.

It's amazing—the sound of his voice, the way he touches me—it's different. He told me tonight that he is deeper in love with me since he has taken control and he never thought it possible to love me any more than he did.

We are free, and it's the most natural feeling for me to submit to my husband in everything.

re best of luck

I completley agree with this article. I am not abused as I was in my previous marriage. I prefer the man I am with to be the "boss", the protective energy in charge. Women don't HAVE TO have everything, do everything, let your chap have the responsibilty. Feminism has gone too far.

I am so much happier with this way of life, I don't have to worry about anything, he takes charge (thank God).

Life is stressful enough, hand some over to your other half.