Romantic rituals for the taken in hand

When Gary and I are out, he always puts my coat on, and then I have to turn to him so he can do it up. It's one of our little rituals that was one of the original things I had to submit to. Now we just do as a way of life. But so many people notice him doing it. It's amazing. And we get comments too. How romantic we look. “Your man sure takes care of you.” Or, I sure am lucky to have a man who is so attentive.

But the funniest was this past September. Our daughter started a new primary school. In the second week I think, we happened to be home together and both went to pick her up after school. Because the weather had been so beautiful, I had been staying after school and using the playground to burn some energy off her. I would sit on the bench. This time Gary was with me. When it was time to go, we all walked to the truck.

As usual, I get in, but Gary puts on my seatbelt, kisses me and shuts my door.

Well the next day at pick-up time, a woman whom I'd been friendly with at park time told me I caused such a ruckus. All the other mothers saw what Gary did—putting me in the car and all—and they couldn't stop talking about me, apparently.

I thought that was hilarious. Gary says each time we start a new school or something we have to train the onlookers. Because we really do things differently from other couples.


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an attractive man

I can agree with you, there's nothing more attractive than a man who can take care of you and who treats you well.

There's nothing more attracti...

There's nothing more attractive than a man who's thoughtful enough to come and open the car door and help me out. My husband makes me feel so cherished! This never used to happen when I was in charge. Letting him take the reins has changed my life in such unexpectedly pleasurable ways. I love to see him smile, and there's a lot more of that happening now. Just had to share!

car doors

Actually, I can think of a lot more attractive things than a man opening a car door for me. I think if I couldn't open the car door for myself he might become slightly worried about my state of health, maybe think I'd had a stroke or something. If the day comes when I can't get out of the car by myself then Ill no doubt be glad of his help, but otherwise it doesn't bother me that much. My father used to help my mother out of the car, but that was in their declining years when she was cripped with arthritis. I don't think I could really get all that excited about being helped out of a car. I can get quite excited about some of the things my husband has on occasion done to me while IN a car, but that was when we were much, much younger, you have to be young and supple for that sort of thing.

The attraction in submitting...

I have to say that having my door opened for me was not an easy event for me to be accustomed to. But Gary says you must see where I come from.
I took care of everyone for years. From minor to major daily problems and chores.
I can open my car door, any door if necessary.
But I was not used to or expected anyone to do such an act for or to me.
Firstly, Gary loves to be attentive. Secondly, it allows me to submit to his love and attention.
I don't need to prove my capabilities anymore.
Now I need to accept love, caring and attentiveness in all it's forms.
I have nothing left to prove......Blush

No, you don't have to be much younger...

I love, love, love, almost all of your comments and posts, but this one, I laughed when I read, not at you, just in my happy memory. New Year's Eve, a couple years back, in my tiny car, him driving...we made it about 1/4 mile from home when we had to pull over, because he simply could not drive anymore...given what was going on...and a couple of years ago means he was older then than you and your husband are now! One of my most treasured moments was that night, and any time he opens a door for me or helps me into or out of a vehicle, I cherish it. I'm capable, it is the thought behind it that is romantic to me (I think it is more romantic to me than it is for him most of the time). It feels nice.


Oddly enough I find actually ...

Oddly enough I find actually much more common these days for this type behaviour to be exibited in public. My father was this way and my siblings and I except no less so were actually surrounded by people whom learned to treat others not only respectfully but enjoyably.When you think about it we all teach what we do, people like the response, the action, the it is taught by its own pleasant environment it dispells. Its easier and rather natural in finding yourself want to please your man that is respectful in these 'little' special ways which are much more common than thought by some.

Car doors

My husband does the same for me. He opens the door, buckles me in and then closes the car door. At first this was hard to get use to because I am always going and seem to be in a hurry to get there. Actually now I have become accustomed to it and feel very special when he does it. I would'nt have it any other way. It is a wonderful example to our sons..I only hope they live by his example on how to treat that "special" someone in thier lives one day.


Car doors

Sorry, but I just can't see the attraction of having a car door opened for you by a man. I think it was Jilly Cooper who once referred to the sort of women who sit there "like stuck pigs" waiting for men to open car doors for them. and when you see women on films or TV who do that, they're always idiots, like Steve Martin's girlfriend in 'L.A. Story', or Hyacinth Bucket in 'Keeping Up Appearances'. I can't help feeling that anyone who is thrilled by a man opening a car door for them must have lead a remarkably uninteresting life.

Reply about car doors being opened.

It's NOT that these women are ''stuck little pigs'' (as you put it) because it supposedly ''thrills'' them when a man opens a door for them, but rather the fact that someone cares enough to show them courtesy and thought!

When a 6 year old makes you a birthday card in blue crayon do you cast it aside and declare its ''not that great''?
NO! you appreciate that the kid showed thought and you'd appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

Or if a well meaning neighbor brings some horrid homeade cookies over to welcome you to the neighborhood, do you tell her the cookies are crap and slam the door in her face? I'm sure you'd appreciate that the neighbor took the time and trouble to bring them to you in the first place.

How is a man opening a door for a woman any different?

And yes, in this day and age where showing thought to someone, manners and common courtousy are RARE, it CAN be a thrill!


I understand that some women find having car doors opened for them thrilling. I am not one of them. There are things my husband does for me that I find thrilling, but this would not be one of them. I regard courtesies like this as unimportant, and I certainly don't see them as signs of dominance.

In 'Keeping Up Appearances' for instance, Richard doesn't open the car door for Hyacinth because he's dominant, but because he's henpecked, he does it because Hyacinth expects it like he does everything she tells him, no matter how silly.

I don't see what home-mde cards and cookies have to do with it at all, I thought this article was discussing how having car doors opened for made Blush feel Taken In Hand. I said that sort of thing doesn't do it for me. Having home-made cookies and cards made for me wouldn't make me feel Taken In Hand either. Appreciating an act of kindness is one thing, being made to feel Taken In Hand is quite another, and car-door opening wouldn't do it for me.


P.S. And it was Jilly Cooper who made the 'stuck pig' analogy, not me. if I could write like Jilly Cooper I wouldn't be hanging around this site, I can tell you, I'd be writing something I could make some money out of.

Sometimes we do...

If we are dressed up for a 'lords & ladies night' and out for a grand time, then MB is all gallantry and good manners. He opens doors, helps me on with my coat, fetches drinks for me etc. It's just part of the event, like the stockings and heels I am wearing...

OTOH if we are heading out for a day's hiking with dogs on board and wearing our rough and ready gear, then it's a 'you're a capable individual, do it yourself' kind of day. Sometimes I drive so he can have a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Flexibility, give-and-take, that's part of how we get along.

My father's wife used to walk up to doors and stand there waiting until he ran around her to open it for her, very often while he was carrying her shopping or travel bags. I just didn't get that at all.

But it worked for them. It wasn't an act of submission though. She was very definitely the boss in their house.


Better than having car doors opened

A while ago my husband bought a second-hand sailing dinghy that he has been lovingly restoring. Yesterday he took me out sailing on the sea for the first time ever. It was the most wonderful thing ever. I felt like Katherine Hepburn in 'The African Queen' when they've just shot the rapids and she says to Humphrey Bogart "I never dreamed any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!" There is absolutely nothing as wonderful as skimming over the sea with the wind in the sails and the taste of salt on your lips and the sun in your eyes and seagulls wheeling overhead and you feel as if you're flying, and I just wanted to go on forever and ever and ever. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on.And the boat is called 'Louise Too'. And it's much, much more thrilling than having a car door opened, believe me.

Car Doors

When a man opens a door for you, car or otherwise, it is a sign of thoughtfullness and respect. I can see the attractiveness in that.

Car doors

I still don't get it I'm afraid. I mean, I like it when my husband does things for me that I can't do for myself, like mending things I can't mend (practically everything) or carrying things that are too heavy for me. And I like it when he drives me places in the car, as I can't drive. But opening the door for me when I can quite well do it for myself? No, I can't see the attraction of that at all. My husband doesn't like having his time wasted, and opening a car door for someone who could quite well do it for herself would definitely be a waste of time to him, I think. Also it would make me feel like a complete idiot, because when you see women sitting there waiting for car doors to be opened for them on TV etc, they are always idiots. My husband does not have a high opinion of my technical abilities, but I think he does expect me to be able to open a car door for myself.

The differences..

I suppose Louise, that Gary would never find doing anything for me 'wasting his time'.
It's odd. But when I have been in relationships before, I found myself feeling 'a burden' when I was ill and needed special attention.
Or when I wanted affection, or flowers, or having a door opened for me.
It's not the door per-say. It's the connection that is created by the act. Because I was so deprived of any and all small or large niceties, Gary insisted that he do them all until I become accustom to the attention.
But then the ritual became so intimate, that we wouldn't change that for the world.
So for us, opening a car door, and putting on my seat belt and kissing me, is as intimate as any other vulnerable thing we do.
But are men idiots when we serve them dinner, as they are quite capable of getting their own plate.
Or is it an act we enjoy doing.
Small differences, the same act........Love..Blush

Car doors

No, this is one of the things that I just don't get, and I think I'm going to have to let it go. I just wouldn't get a buzz out of sitting there like an idiot waiting to have the door opened for me when I could quite well do it myself, it just wouldn't give me a thrill at all, it would just, as I've said, make me feel like an idiot, like the women on TV who do that always are. Serving dinner isn't something I do either, when the dinner is cooked (either by me, or if I'm lucky, by him—I detest cooking)we just help ourselves from the kitchen. There are lots of things he does for me that I appreciate (some I appreciate very much)but opening car doors, no, I can live without that quite happily. Romantic rituals to me mean things quite other than the opening of car doors, and not things, on the whole, that you do in public. I really must let this one go and not keep coming back to it, I'm never going to get it and there's just no point.

Opening car doors

My husband opens the car door for me, on the way in, not out. I agree with you there Louise, I would feel stupid sitting there waiting for my husband to open my door. On the other hand, if it is slick outside or there is another reason why he wants me to wait for him, I have no problem waiting until he comes around to help.
It isn't like he thinks I can't do it, I was, after all, a jet mechanic when he met me, it is that he likes doing this for me.
His thinking is he knows I can be totally independent if need be but at the moment the need is not there.

Car doors

I do understand that there are women who get pleasure out of having car doors opened for them, it's just that that type of thing doesn't particularly appeal to me, having doors opened, having chairs pulled out for me etc, the're just not things that mean much to me.

What I do appreciate very much is when my husband does things for me when I really need them. Like when we were in Cornwall last summer staying in a holiday village and I'd gone to the launderette, which was about a ten-minute walk from our chalet, and it started to pour with rain. I was just wondering whether to stay where I was until the rain eased off (which could be ages, this being England), or walk back and get soaked, when my husband appeared with an umbrella. When he does that type of thing I am very grateful.

Jumping right in..

I'm new here, but I thought I'd jump right in. (I've read quite a few posts now and I feel like I've gotten a feel for a lot of your personalities. =) )

I think it is less about the need for it to be done, and more about showing your affection, showing that you like doing these things for someone else. While I myself don't particularly require my car doors to be opened or shut, chairs to be pulled out, I can see why it is appealing.

You don't have to always do something out of necessity for someone else. Sometimes you just do it because you love them. Like someone said above, "You know that he can get up and get his own plate of food, but you don't think he's an idiot for sitting there waiting for you to serve it to him." To me it is the same for chairs and car doors, and the like.



A gentleman does not do that

Louise thinks that an upper class gentleman would open a door for a woman of his class but not for a working class woman. No doubt Louise is right that a gentleman would not open a door for a paid servant, or at least, I can imagine that that might have been true in the past. But it is absolutely untrue that a gentleman would be so rude as to make that distinction in general. An English gentleman might well be a cad and a bounder and well worth avoiding for those reasons, but one thing he won't do is to be rude to someone on the basis of their class. That is simply a myth put about by those with a chip on their shoulder.

It is because James Hewitt behaved so impeccably and uncondescendingly to all on a reality TV show that the viewing public warmed to him and voted him the winner despite the fact that his reputation had been in tatters before that programme began.

This is not to say that chivalry necessarily means that a man is a jolly good chap. I am quite sure that James Hewitt is just as caddish as he always was. But let's not leap to the conclusion that anyone who enjoys being chivalrous is bad, or that anyone who loves it when a man is chivalrous thinks she has a right to expect such kindness. Anything can be turned into an unpleasant chore by such an attitude, and I am quite sure that that is about as far from Blush's attitude as it is possible to get.

The reason I myself like that kind of thing is that it makes me feel very aware of my femininity, and I happen to enjoy that feeling. It is erotic, in fact. It makes me feel protected and cherished, or, if I don't know the man, it just feels like a pleasant gesture.

Small gestures and big rewards..

It continually raises my eyebrows at the mixed feelings that some women get from having a courtesy done to them as opening a door. You have to wonder where this all came from the anger and hostility from being shown a small gesture done of love or indulgence. How can a woman possibly show her independence by opening her own door? It almost makes me laugh. But then again, I open doors for women with strollers or weighted down with bags and older people whom the doors are heavy. When do you give up this so called 'independence' for the luxury of having one's door opened for them? Or is it a life long 'proof' of acting for yourself, regardless?
The ritual of Gary opening my doors, but more than that, putting me in the car and doing my seat belt has become so very intimate that we just had this amazing chat about it. Gary feels I am not very sentimental. Not much is dear to me and he feels that I don't like to be attached too much because so much was snatched from me during my life. It's more survival than natural feelings. So the other day I told him I doubted there was much he could do that would make me cry. He gave me a long look and smiled gently. And he said he bet there was something. Of course I needed to know and he asked this. What would I feel if he stopped putting me in the car and doing my seat belt. Which is always followed by a close nuzzle of his face and often a quick kiss.
Well after a moments thought I told him if he ever stopped that I'd cry! While he'd started this as a way to have me submit to being cared for, I now depend on it. I enjoy, find security and long for his sweet gesture of caring for me. And crazy as it seems, when I am in other people's cars, it always amazes me that I have to do my own seatbelt. There is this private fraction of a second when it occurs to me that I have to do my own.
I don't know or care what other people do or don't do for me when we are together, such as open doors or what. I only know that it is who Gary and I are, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Little Things


I love this story of you and Gary and the seatbelt. I read it quite a while a go and I still think about it. As far as I can tell it is not really about what we are and are not capable of doing for ourselves. It is about the little things we do for each other that make us feel special. If I bring my husband a cup of tea on a cool afternoon I do not do it because he is not capable of doing it for himself, or that I want to give him that impression. I do it because I know he will appreciate a warm cup of tea. It always gets me a smile and a kiss. It is a small way to say, "I love you." We have a lot of these little gestures and like you I would be sad to see them go. I would feel I have lost something dear to me also.

Take care,

Men and Women

My husband frequently opens regular doors for me. I don't wait for him to do it, usually he just reaches over me-I'm short, 5'2"- or gets there first. He likes to do it.)

Now, when I was dating women, before I met my husband, I was always the chivalrous one, and they seemed to enjoy it. I would pull out chairs, open doors, and generally take the masculine role. (I DO have lesbian tendancies, LOL) I don't know if I ever opened a car door or not.. I don't know, that thing just seemed a bit over the top to me? But really, I do think it's incredibly sweet the way Blush's husband does that for her. It's his way of showing affection, and who am I to judge? =)



My father

taught me when I was younger, "This is how you find out if a man is a true gentleman or just trying to impress you. Watch to see if he holds the door only for you...or for ALL women, even ugly ones, even nuns, even grannies."

However, from what I have read here I see that logic would only work here in the USA. I did not realize that in England you have (had?) a class system where only certain women have doors held for them. An American from my generation and certainly my father's would see that behavior as proof of false gentlemanly behavior! Just goes to show you how different cultures view things.

English gentlemen

I did not realize that in England you have (had?) a class system where only certain women have doors held for them.

That is complete rubbish actually. It would be shockingly ungentlemanly to distinguish in that way.


"I did not realize that in England you have (had?) a class system where only certain women have doors held for them"

I have lived in Scotland, England and Wales all of my life (I'm in my 40's) and believe me, there is NO distinction between the classes when it comes to opening doors for certain woman.

Either the man (or woman) has consideration for the other person (whatever their sex is) and will hold the door open, or they dont. I do it for whoever happens to be walking in behind me.

Yes, I have had men hold doors open for me and I always smile kindly and say thank you. Other times, someone happens to hold the door open because they are aware that a man, woman or child happens to be coming in behind them.

I believe it's down to common courtesy for another human being, not because you are a woman of a certain class and the man happens to be a gentleman.

Saying that, there are people (men & woman) who couldnt care less about the person behind them and will just let the door slam infront of them. That is not gentlemanly or ladylike behaviour, most important, it's having no consideration for your fellow human being, that isnt class distinction but plain rudeness.

Grace :-)

doors and cars

For what it's worth.

When we go out we take my coupe or my wife's van. It depends on whether or not we have more that 2 people in the traveling party. My coupe has a so-called back seat but no adult can get into it.

I always drive my coupe and my wife always drives her van. I don't like to drive the van and my wife does not care to use a manual transmission. I open the passenger door for my wife when I drive. I usually do not open the driver-side door when my wife drives.

Neither of us fastens a seat belt for the other because it is awkward. I do fasten the seatbelt for my mother because it is hard for her to fasten it herself.

Maybe this has some sexual significance but I can't imagine what it might be.

As to building doors, it is common in my area for one person to hold open the door for another regardless of gender. It depends on who is in front or who might be carrying a package or who is older, etc.

That's the upper Midwest in the USA, where "all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average".(G. Keillor)


I can't imagine not holding a

I can't imagine not holding a door for someone who is behind me, or not opening a door for someone who has their hands full or is for whatever reason going to have trouble doing so. There is a difference between that, however, and deliberately seeking out to open a door for someone. My stepfather always opens the door for my mother, even if it means going out of his way to do so. I think it's nice. Pointless perhaps, but nice.

Expression of Love..

Hi cj, I smiled as I read your post of your stepfather holding the door for your mother...until you were mystified and thought it pointless that he go out of his way to do so.
You know, some couples never seem to lose their spark. You see them holding hands all through their relationship and the admiration holds strong from beginning to end.

When you see small expressions of love such as holding a door open, or accepting a courtesy even if means waiting a moment. Those are the things which love is built. And respect. Maybe there was a small private moment each time he holds that door open. Perhaps she was told to always wait for him to do it and she does that to this day.

For me it was a small act of submission initially, as well a way to have me become accustom to accepting loving attention. As with the seatbelt for me. My feelings would be hurt if he didn't do these small acts of love. And he would be questioning if I didn't accept them. Or worse, not look forward to them. I just don't think there is anything pointless at all in showing acts of love despite the extra moment it takes to show it.

When worded that way

When worded that way "pointless" does seem like a harsh word, though I'm struggling to think of a more appropriate wording... I meant pointless in the fact that she is certainly able and willing to open her own doors. Obviously the act has meaning to them, or they wouldn't do it.

To be honest, my favorite little ritual seems pointless too. My boyfriend always lays down with me at night, even though I go to bed far earlier than he does. He always takes the time to go to bed with me and cuddle me until I fall asleep. He then gets up and goes about his business until he is ready to go to bed hours later. It's pointless in that I could certainly get myself to bed at night, but the interaction is still meaningful. I can see that the interaction in opening a car door or fastening a seatbelt could also have meaning.

A moment of connection

As I read the comments about holding the car doors and buckling his partner in, I think that they have a great connection at that moment. He is providing her safety, via securing the belt. I have practiced opening the doors and of course taking care of the packages.
But I can surely see the attraction. A gesture of holding his loved one safe for travel. Far above the quick hug and / or kiss that is the normal hi,bye, I almost have time for you response of today.
Tom H

Doors and Gentlemen

Since being taken in hand I have become more aware of these little "rituals" in society. I have found that older gentlemen, when seeing me behind them, almost always open the door, take a step back and let me pass before them. I had always thought it was because I had arm loads of kids and packages. But I have noticed now that my children are often not with me when I am out, many men still do this. It feels good now that I place some significance to it. I always now take the time to give the man a big smile and say "Thank you!" I show them appreciation for their efforts. It touches me when they get a big smile back and tell me it was nothing at all. In the past I might have said, "Oh no after you" but some men really take satisfaction in opening doors. Of course I open doors for people behind me and I never expect that because I am a woman that a man SHOULD open the door for me but some people take real pleasure in it. When I open doors for someone unless they are carrying packages or pushing strollers I usually just hold it behind me until they get their hand on it to make sure it does not close behind me. The gentlemen I am talking about actually step aside and let me pass, because they think it is polite. I honestly never paid attention before.

My husband opens doors for me now, and he will often open my car door when we are getting in the car, not out. Of course he may just be doing it to steal a kiss before I get in the car! There is only significance if you place it there, but I think it is sweet when you know they are doing it because they care. It is the intent that makes it sexy and/or dear.

Take care,

Beyond doors...other romantic rituals

My late partner had a number of rituals, romantic rituals, that highlighted his role as protector.

Every night, when he saw that I was ready for bed, he would ask, "Shall I tuck you in?" We would head up to the bedroom—I always went to sleep before he did—and I would climb into bed. He would pull the covers up and gently tuck them around me. Then he would sit on the edge of the bed and hold my hand as I fell asleep. We would talk smalltalk until he saw that my eyes were closing. My partner's "tucking me in" was, in fact, one of the hallmarks of our relationship, because he knew that I had not experienced that as a child and that I so cherished the fact that he was watching out for me.

When we would head out the door in cold weather, he also always would insist that I bring along a sweater or coat. Sounds silly, but I never think to do so, and when we would be out, I would complain of being cold and he would surrender his own sweater or coat so that I would be warm. Once, someone saw him tell me to go get a coat, and I turned back around and got one. She was horrified that he was "ordering me around." I didn't even know what to say to her. He was right, and when he said to get a coat, I appreciated his care.

Also, he always took my arm when I was climbing stairs...or at night (my night vision is not good), and I cannot tell you the feeling of peacefulness and security I felt with his arm under mine, guiding me down the path.

I miss him so much...


Seat belts and such

I have been reading this site for a couple of years, and recently, I have been sharing the articles I enjoy with my fiance. I showed him this one a few months back. Yesterday, while going to visit family, he opened the car door for me (which is usual), but instead of going on around the car, he waited until I got in, did my seatbelt, kissed me, and shut the door. I melted! I walked around with a silly grin on my face for hours! I told him how much I enjoyed it, and he told me that after reading the article, he realized someone had "overshadowed" him in the "gentleman" department, and realized there was so much more he could do to really take care of me. I thought this was the sweetest thing. It just goes to show that even the most confident, dominant man is not incapable of learning new tricks, so to speak! It just confirms how sure I am that he will always do what is right and good for me.

Sounds nice but...

Well it will be hard to keep that up for a lifetime. I hope he does not set your standards to high. Just forgive him if he does not buckle your belt all the time. ;)

Blush, I read this post often

Blush, I read this post often because it is so romantic! I love hearing of rituals like this.

When S and I were first married, one of the rituals we had was to have a 'date' once a month (we'd both been married before and had 7 children between us, so we didn't get a lot of 'alone' time on a day-to-day basis). Anyway, one of our rituals for date night was that S laid out what he wanted me to wear that evening. Sometimes it was something demure, sometimes it was something sexy and sometimes it was over the top sexy. It was always something that I would have NEVER picked out for myself to wear in public... But I wore it anyway and we always had a good time.

Once when at a jazz club, when S had me wear something "over the top sexy", lots of men were paying attention to me—including the men of the wives we were with. S loves for other men to notice me and it makes him pay extra special attention to me. He always says quite provacative things about us when I am dressed this way—and this evening was no different. Those statements are always followed up with something such as 'my wife makes me want her every minute of every day' -(although he uses sometimes less than appropriate words to get accross the same thought LOL). Our firiends usually laugh and say playfully 'get a room'.

Well, the next day, at a school event, the wives we were out with the previous night cornered me to ask me what I am doing to keep S so interested in my sexually... (they have marriages that are almost void of sex). I just smiled and said "I do whatever he wants".

We don't do many 'date nights' any more and he doesn't pick out my clothes anymore... but I think I will bring them back up. I loved the extra attention from him and the envious smiles from our friends.

Thanks for bringing that memory back to the forefront of my mind!


This makes me swoon

I am new to Taken In Hand. My man and I are learning, but loving it. It is VERY different from my previous relationships but so much better. Blush, your article floored me. I love Louise's posts btw but on this subject I so get where you are coming from, Blush. It doesn't matter whether it is the coat, the car door, the tucking in at night... what matters is the courtesy, kindness, respect and appreciation which is shown in the smallest of acts. Wonderful.


It's more than car's life

Car doors are the least of it.
I have never married due to circumstances, and now that I am free of obligations, I long for a wonderful taken in hand marriage.
For many reasons.
Those of you with husbands may not always realize what having a partner can mean. I must do everything that is done myself, or pay a fortune to have it done.
Simply having someone to be at my side during all the trials and hard work of each day would be so wonderful.
Add to that a healthy taken in hand relationship and sex life and I don't think I would know what to do with myself!
Consider yourselves so fortunate to have husbands and
cherish every minute you have with them.