Ready and willing

He and I have moved to a higher realm in our relationship.
I am ready to stop questioning and wondering, in exchange for "doing". To please him not because I think it's good for the relationship (it is, of course) but because it is truly how I feel in my heart. The gentle, loving, caring sides of my spirit have won over the "I am strong, I am woman, I am going to resist you" side.

These feelings of new acceptance have been growing for some time. This is not novel thinking. I realize it's real, though likely there will be plenty of times when I will be tempted to display my female roar.

But, oh, I will need to stop in time to realize who I will be roaring to. And, understand it really has no place. It is an action not necessary to engage in with him. And of course, he is more dominant and will quickly and respectfully remind me. With love.

I am so happily in love!

I have been more candid. For example, I expressed recently that I want him to take me when he feels the desire. And I will be aware of his needs. He thought those were great, intimate words and appreciated knowing this is what I want. Yes I do want this, for him, for me, for us.

In this new year, I am looking forward to continuing to grow and to loving him in the sweet ways he deserves, without resistance. It won't be always easy, but I am ready.


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I have to admit I really enjoy reading your posts. I have to be a little envious of where your relationship is. Hope to get to that point someday. Not to take away from my journey, but I just enjoy hearing about your emotional journey.



Thank you for your kind words Ozzie and for clarifying the journey is emotional. I think sometimes we are looking for roadmaps and plans that will lay out all the details, and in our quest to think rationally, to display or achieve perfection, we forget that relationships are emotion-based...hopefully, I may add. The meeting, revealing and growing together, is emotional. And if we are really going to experience that next level, fear or uncertainness needs to get out of the way.

He is so logical, all the time. The stability he has shown in his character rocks me. This man listens when I speak to him and he does not pause to remind me that he is the man. One day I was questioning him, in that in-control female way (sorry ladies), about something he was fixing. Well, he is a master at fixing things. I had no foundation to question him, but did. Like does he REALLY know what he is doing or will the house fall apart? Well, without taking his eye off the task at hand and in a very assured, calm voice he simply asked "did you forget who you are talking to?". He knows who he is. He has no problem reminding me and I like that he does. There are times when I remind him of who I am and he is always very respectful.

The forward leaps feel genuine. There are so many times I would have gone backwards, except for curiosity and his inviting warmth. This is a really peaceful "place" to be.

I've often wondered how women today can be in traditional relationships. I'm a business woman with numerous opportunities of how I can live my life. I was raised in unisex times, yet I've recognized I like the feel of tradition. And he does, too.