I am for ever adding to these pages quotes that seem relevant to Taken In Hand in some way. If you would like to suggest a quote yourself, please do! Simply add it as a comment on the appropriate page. Please give as much information about the quote as possible—who said/wrote it, when, where, etc.—or say where you found it. The quotes are listed on the pages below alphabetically by author (first name) and by film title. So if you want me to add a quote by someone called Queenie Smith, you would post it as a comment on the Q page.

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Note: This quotations section is just for fun. It is not to be taken seriously—it is just for (my own) entertainment! It is not intended to constitute any kind of guidance, or any sort of argument, or any sort of evidence for or against anything. I am including quotes I think true, including occasionally by evil sources; I am including quotes I think wholly false (but germane); I am including quotes that have a grain of truth but that's all. I am including quotes that have made me laugh, quotes that are interestingly disturbing, quotes that are interestingly false, and quotes that are erotic. I am including quotes that are truer than the source thought they were, quotes that are true in an ironic sense, quotes that will offend, quotes that will amuse, quotes that make the reader think.

On no account assume that any quote here is thereby endorsed in some sense, let alone that the source is endorsed! It's my sense of humour, you know. If you will be offended to read scary quotes by scary people, do not click on the links, because you will find some on many pages. Only read the quotes if your sense of humour is intact. It's just a bit of fun!

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