Practical hints for men - you are allowed to enjoy it!

Taking a woman in hand is not an act of selfless sacrifice. It is a loving thing between the two of you. There is no reason why you should not take pleasure in it.

Yes, it feels manipulative to put a woman over your lap or to take charge of her or make decisions for her. But, as long as you are doing it in a way that is good for her and that she wants and needs, go ahead and enjoy it.

Allow your ego to get stroked by the process. Enjoy the look and feel of her round, soft, feminine body. Savor the sounds of her crying and the feel of her tears on your neck. “Take” her every once in a while. Ask her to do things for you.

Don't get carried away, i.e. don't turn her into a servant or degrade her. On the other hand, do not feel that you need to be a monk or to deny yourself the pleasure of the whole thing.

If being Taken in Hand is something that she wants and/or needs, and if you are giving her what she wants, the pleasure of doing it is part of your reward.


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Carlf article --Enjoy It

The subject article came at the right time. I will take your advice and revel in the pleasure of these experiences--truly erotic. Abner

I want him to enjoy it!

Great article, Carlf! That's exactly how I want my husband to feel towards me and our Taken in Hand relationship! If he didn't enjoy being the dominant person in our relationship, or if he wasn't pleased when I serve and obey him, then I wouldn't be a very happy wife!

I love him and the deeply submissive part of me is so fulfilled when I have given him pleasure, in any form. [...] So, yes, enjoy your Taken in Hand relationship—it's a precious gift!

[Editor's note: For more of this lovely comment, see this article.]

I agree CarlF

I agree CarlF. S takes me in hand in mild ways. At times he demands that I wear this or that, or that I call him at certain times, or any number of small insignificant things that only are done to ensure we both know who is in charge. (We rarely fight—so the need for punishment is rare).

My husband's friends are jealous of our relationship. They are all married to strong, sucessful women as well, but their wives have no desire to be controlled by their husbands. When his friends see me do things for S that their wives won't do for them, they envy our relationship—and probably wonders how S gets me to go along with the program. LOL

Yes, men—enjoy taking your wife in hand. She loves it as much as you do.