Seeking a Taken In Hand relationship?

Please read the following carefully if you are seeking a Taken In Hand relationship:

If you wish to indicate that you want to find someone with whom to develop a relationship leading to a sexually exclusive, fully committed permanent marriage in which the husband actively controls the wife and does not allow the wife to get the upper hand (though he might well enjoy doing what it takes to keep her firmly in hand!), email us the following two articles: (1) a substantial article (at least 1000 words) about what you want in a Taken In Hand marriage; (2) a substantial Taken In Hand article (at least 1000 words) for the front page of this site.

This second article should NOT be soliciting a relationship in any way. Instead, it should be an article that could remain up on the site permanently, long after you are happily married. If you need some ideas for possible subjects about which to write, read this page and take the tour. See also the FAQ. The reason we are now asking for an additional article is that the moment we reopened this section we were immediately overwhelmed with submissions and we are currently behind in putting them up, and in fact we are getting more submissions for this section than for the site as a whole. Asking you to write not just an introduction to find a spouse but also a significant article for the site more generally should at least correct this imbalance.

If your preference is for a more casual relationship, or a non-exclusive relationship, or a relationship in which the husband does not actively control the wife, please post a personal ad on a more suitable site than this.

Please read all the answers linked on the FAQ page, and all the articles on the tour before you submit an introduction.

DO NOT post anything resembling a personal ad, or any post that could be interpreted as fishing for a partner, elsewhere on this site or on the yahoo group. Such material will simply be deleted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You post or reply to introductions at your own risk. We cannot in any way vet those who place ads or those who reply, so please understand that the responsibility for your safety and happiness rests entirely with you. Exercise the same caution in regard to Taken In Hand ads as you would do on any other web site. On no account assume that anyone here must be okay. If anything, be even more cautious than you would be meeting someone through an ordinary personal ads site.

Please be warned that we have received a number of complaints from women meeting men through this section of the site. Both men who have replied to women's introductions here, and men who have posted introductions here, have misrepresented themselves as wanting a Taken In Hand relationship and waited until the woman was falling for them to reveal that they expect the woman to accept a relationship (married or otherwise) in which the man has other women or other such bombshells. We have also received chilling posts on the When rape is a gift thread from men boasting of how they have invited women to their place and then raped them and how they don't consider it rape because the women went to their place willingly. Those women probably felt that they had a real connection with these men. Please, ladies, take great care. There are predators reading this site. Do ask lots of direct questions of any man you meet through this site, citing our comments here if that helps, and assume that the man you are in contact with may not be telling you the unvarnished truth.

Predatory men tell women what they want to hear, and men know what you are looking for if they find you here or if they have an introduction posted here, so please, please, please take care to get to know a person extremely well before you get too excited. Meet the person's friends and family and introduce him to your friends and family—be sure you have good solid evidence that you are not being played (or worse)—before you spend any time alone with someone. (Good people will not complain that you don't trust them, they will think you very wise to be cautious.) And also don't spend 6 months bonding through email and telephone, only to discover that the man is married or a serial rapist internet player aged 35 years your senior. If you want a Taken In Hand marriage, you will probably want to avoid being seduced by pickup artists (read The Game, by Neil Strauss): they are looking to improve their level of self-confidence and self-esteem through seduction and sex, they are not looking for marriage. Take things a lot slower than your hormones may be telling you to take them. Read Kosher Sex, by Shmuley Boteach and Getting to "I Do", by Pat Allen and Sandra Harmon.

Talk to your friends and family about anyone you are in contact with or dating, and be sure that no one who cares about you thinks that the object of your desire is dishonest or otherwise a bad person. See also this article.

Please be careful. It is much better to meet people in real life through shared interests and in-person chemistry than it is to meet them through a site like this. So much can go wrong in meeting through personals sites on the internet. I would avoid it like the plague, myself. But if you are determined to post here despite this, email us your article that in no way sounds like a personal ad, and that is at least 1000 words, and your second article (see above). Use Be sure to check your spelling before you email us your article, and be sure that your article is interesting enough that Taken In Hand readers will find it interesting even if they are not themselves looking for a relationship. Please use plain text if possible.

Be warned that only a small percentage of submissions for this personal ads section of the site are posted. Anything sounding like a personal ad will be deleted immediately. You can always post such material on or wherever. Any piece that does not have the ring of truth will be deleted. Anything that would be suitable for a BDSM or spanking site will be immediately deleted. Your article must be from a Taken In Hand perspective. Paint a word picture of what you want in a relationship and in life in general. Talk about what matters to you.

Do not expect to get a reply or an explanation of why your article has not been posted. If you are absolutely sure that your article was perfectly in accord with Taken In Hand ideas, and it has not appeared, send it to us ONE more time. Do not keep sending it. If you do not receive a bounce message, it probably did arrive. Be sure that you sent it to

Here follows the current list of individuals who say they are seeking a Taken In Hand relationship. If any email address fails, please let us know.

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