One sexy momma

My husband's good at making me feel very sexy as the mother of his child, and for me, this is preferable to imagining wife and mother as two far-flung roles to shuttle between. I am not the kind of person who can wait for date night or even tonight, or shove away or push down what is essential to myself, or divide my heart as if it's a steak. I am his wife and our daughter's mother at once always.

How does my husband make me one sexy momma? Mostly with lots of sex, but also he doesn't treat me like I'm his mother while some men do treat their wives that way. And he asks casually, "Have you been a good mother?" His eyes show he knows that I have, so he asks to make me feel good and under his authority and for the pleasure of hearing all about it.



Sexy mama

I'm glad to hear its working for you! When I had my daughter 12 years ago my sex drive dropped to zero. My husband was patient, but it was a tough time. I was tired and overwhelmed and not coping well with all the new demands on my body. It took a couple of years for us to come to a peaceful place -- but it was not a sexy one until recently. Now, as my daughter enters adolescence I feel I'm fully alive as a sexy mom -- and as such I'm setting her a good example. My husband and I don't kiss in front of her, or anything like that, but I can't help but feeling that my new-found confidence is going to have a positive affect.

Parents kissing

I've enjoyed your recent postings, Angela T. I guess whether adults kissing in front of children is acceptable depends somewhat on culture. In my family and in my husband's family, married couples kiss in front of the children. I truly think that's fine. If kissing were off limits in the presence of children, I would be much less likely to volunteer to babysit my nieces and nephews and perhaps a touch ambivalent about my husband's goal of having a big family! I think it's best for the whole family if adults enjoy adulthood around children and not limit their behavior to what children are allowed or can understand. Obviously there's a definite need for privacy, too, but I think some parenting magazines take child-centered too far. A G-rated existence would put me in a very bad temper, and I don't think my husband would comply.