Is Taken In Hand bad for women who were abused in childhood?

No. An established Taken In Hand relationship may even be healing for some women with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Such women do need to take exceptional care, when trying to find someone with whom to have a Taken In Hand relationship, to avoid ending up with an antisocial, narcissistic, abusive man, as such men are likely to prey on vulnerable women who want to be controlled by a man.

Nostalgic? Not a bit!

It’s sometimes suggested, not only by our critics but also by avid Taken in Hand fanatics, that what we’re about is a return to the 1950s. But as Carl argues, our ideas aren't located anywhere near the 1950s: they're very 21st century indeed.

A smile man

I was once struck by the way an elderly woman's face lit up and became beautiful when she smiled. (And no, she did not have the gleeming white teeth of an American TV presenter!)

Things can change

Individuals sometimes force themselves to change to please their spouse, and that can be problematic. But some changes are genuine, and part of the process of growing closer and creating a good relationship.


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