What if he is horrified by the idea?

Most men, including even the most take-charge, react badly when they first hear about the idea of Taken In Hand. The deeply consensual nature of the Taken In Hand relationship is not immediately obvious, and Taken In Hand appears so antithetical to everything good people believe in. The good news is that in many cases the relationship happily evolves into a Taken In Hand one anyway, despite the man's initial horror at the idea of being actually in control in the relationship. This article is a charming account of one such case.

If you want your wife to give you respect, give her love

Warner on Emerson Eggerich's book.Men crave respect. Women are more likely to be concerned about whether they are loved. If you ask a businessman whether he wants to be liked by his associates and competitors, or respected by them, he will invariably tell you that he wants the respect. Many fights in marriages occur because a man feels disrespected by his wife. This is the theme of a book by Emerson Eggerichs called Love and Respect.


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