My treasure

Not property but treasure

There is a difference between the dynamics of a romantic relationship between one man and one woman, and how men and women act together to tame the world. Or the way I look at it: there are all the women in the world except one, and the last one, the most glorious of them all, is in my arms.

The one nestling in my arms is mine and she belongs to me. She approaches reality in different roles; when tackling the world, she is Woman, a link in the chain of Women. And when not in my arms, I will be the wind beneath her wings, or her loudest cheerleader, or simply get out of her way. But when at the end of the day, when she snuggles into my arms, when I bury my face in her hair, she is my treasure and mine to cherish and use, mine to compel and deny.



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my dragon

Ever since our relationship first began, I've noticed a possessiveness about my love that brings out an extra gentleness in him. It is evident in the way he touches me so carefully, almost reverently, or looks at me in this sort of smouldering gaze of his that says I belong to him. It's not that he's objectionalizing me. I am simply the most important part of his life, his treasure, and like the dragon he is, I know he'd defend me to the death if some pesky, self-righteouss knight ever tried to take me away.

My Dragon...Possessiveness

It is a nice feeling when your man is has a way of making you feel safe, loved and cherished. This is something that I long for that I have always longed for but until now and finding Taken In Hand I never could put it into words exactly what it is I wanted. I have to say that the original post that we are commenting on is so erotic and just speaks to my soul. Someday I hope to find my knight, dragon, my everything who will claim me and make me his own....forever and ever.