Listening isn't weak

I would like to emphasize the importance of taking your s/o in hand and building your relationship with her with the strength of being confident enough in yourself to really listen to what she has to say without the worry of feeling manipulated.

Often times the communication a strong-willed, intelligent, “submissive” woman is an attempt to communicate a need to her partner, but because of a fear of being manipulated, the man sometimes fails to listen to her. He is afraid of appearing to “back down” because he knows that is a sign of weakness in her eyes.

Hearing and understanding legitimate concerns allows a woman to speak freely and express herself so that the relationship can evolve. Being able to tell the difference as to when she is communicating or just trying to get out of a discipline session requires the strength of being able to listen and understand. Being a man with honor and integrity that she can trust also aids in her ability to submit.

All these things contribute to the ability for a couple to go very deep into each other and knock down barriers of communication. She can completely trust him and therefore submit to him as he provides an environment of care and understanding. It becomes easy to intertwine with each other and lose sight of where you end and your partner begins emotionally and spiritually.


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Indeed it can be a dilemma

It is quite simple really why most men do not listen. They understand that for most women it is good enough to simply watch actions, the words are a distant second as for relevance.


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