How to Be an Unforgettable Woman
The Rules (commentary)
Accept him as he is
Appreciate him
Admire him
The leader
The protector
The provider
Don't wound his sensitive pride
Sympathetic understanding
Inner happiness
The feminine appearance
Feminine manner
Feminine nature
A site for women interested in Fascinating Womanhood
General Petraeus and Us: It’s no wonder Judaism forbids a man from being alone with a woman who is not his wife.
22 to 28 (PUA manosphere site)
What men want from women
Six Habits of Happily Married Couples
How to meet shy girls
How to make a woman feel like a goddess
Manosphere: Pornography
Men marry virtue, not vaginas
CBMW (Christian articles on manhood and womanhood)
Chivalry Today
Christian Domestic Discipline
On servant leadership and gracious submissiveness
I tell people what to do., by Yohami If you are a man and you want to take charge in your marriage but don't have a clue how to begin, read this post to get a feel for the attitude to aim for.
How to Safely Meet Someone You Met Online in Person
How to date safely
How to pick your right girl
Corsetry resources, history, other articles
Ivy Leaf's Corsetry Questions
David Deida
Discipline and Desire
Discipline and Love
Michele Weiner-Davis (home page)
Your must haves and can't stands list of non-negotiables
How to have a world class marriage
Ways to affair-proof your marriage
Fascinating Womanhood
Handling a difficult man
Fit to be Tied Corsets
Digits and Maryann
Thorney posts (charming, beautifully-written posts from an older couple (he, born 1944, she born 1924!) with a beautiful, vibrant, sexually-adventurous relationship. See also this collection of Thorney posts)
Gottman's Marriage Tips 101
Her Mischief Managed
Home Is His Arms (blog)
Jayda's Musings
Song of Songs (The Song of Solomon)
Understanding Women & “The Rules” For Men
LilMiss Unfolds (a blog)
Loving Domestic Discipline (a blog)
The failure of feminism
How Do You Identify and Practice Love?
Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts
Marriage Builders
Married Man Sex Life (Married Game manosphere site)
Organized Home
Obedient Love Odalisque
Peter Masters (The Control Book, etc.)
Power and Love
The 12 ties that bind long-term relationships
Submission of Christian wives to their husbands
The headship of men
Should a wife unconditionally obey her husband?
Confessions of an English Gentleman (D/s blog)
Sandra Harmon
Cliff Notes
Society For Human Sexuality
Lust is Jewish
Smart Marriages
Articles on marriage
Account of a Gottman workshop
The Surrendered Wife (home page)
Sexual Anarchism
The private man (Game/manosphere site)
Helpful hint for a woman's online dating profile
A huge dating secret for women
A dating exercise for women
In femininity there is strength
This Big Hush (blog)
The Red Lioness
Girl Game: the GFE Give your husband the pleasure of the Girlfriend Experience.
Dating advice for girls in their teens
Masculinity makes a comeback
Research-based relationship advice
In search of Erotic Intelligence: Reconciling our desire for comfortable domesticity and hot sex
Hold the quiche: Manly men are back (article by Amy Doolittle)
M3 (Game/manosphere site)
Wife training

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