Is this like The Stepford Wives?

Is this like The Stepford Wives?

Is this like The Stepford Wives?

No, it is not. The book, and the 1975 eponymous film, were a frightening dystopic feminist view of male-female relationships, and consent did not enter into things in Stepford when the wives were forcibly turned into robot versions of themselves.

Here on Taken In Hand we take the view that if the husband being in charge is not consensual then the it is not a Taken In Hand relationship, indeed it is an abomination.

Moreoever, Taken In Hand is not about wives serving and submitting to their husbands, unlike in The Stepford Wives. In a Taken In Hand relationship, both wife and husband actively strive to please the other, and while the husband is firmly in charge, he puts his wife and the relationship first. This is the key to creating and maintaining a relationship in which the husband is in charge in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and does no harm. In The Stepford Wives, there is no question of the husbands putting their wives first. On the contrary, they murder them and replace them with robot versions of themselves.

In a Taken In Hand relationship, the husband loves his wife as the full, individual human being she is, he does not want to diminish her. In The Stepford Wives, by Ira Levin, the husbands not only wanted to diminish their wives, they murdered them and replaced them with robot versions of themselves.

While many Taken In Hand wives are homemakers as in The Stepford Wives, many others are eminent academics, powerful business women, politicians, pilots, professors, lawyers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, military and law enforcement personnel.

In a Taken In Hand relationship, the wife tends to be so thrilled that her husband is in charge that she would never say no to him sexually, but in The Stepford Wives the robot women not saying no was nothing to do with being thrilled by their husband: it was programmed into them by the Stepford husbands. Men in Taken In Hand relationships generally prefer live women to robots.

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Is this like The Stepford Wives?

No, a taken in hand relationship is not like the infamous Stepford wives. In that, the initial (I say initial because I don't want to unveil the plot twists!) view of town is that the men trick, capture and force the women against there will to become 'perfect'.

A taken in hand relationship, or any true D/S relationship in my oppinion, involves consent and willingness from the women. They choose themselves to submit and follow. They are not tricked or forced.

The Stepford Wives

No. Apart from anything else, in the original version of The Stepford Wives, as far as I can recall, the women are murdered and replaced with robots. This does not happen in Taken In Hand relationships. Nor is a Taken In Hand relationship about a woman simply serving a man and not having her own wishes or feelings condsidered. Ideally, a Taken In Hand relationship makes a man more thoughtful and considerate towards his partner, this is what has happened in our case, and in many others I have read about.

I made the Stepford Wife comparison when I first discovered this site, but I soon realised that it wasn't like that at all, and also recognised that it was something I hungered for. A Stepford Wife relationship would be one in which the woman had no personality or life of her own, and this is not the case in Taken In Hand relationships. It should be a relationship that is enriching and enhancing for both people.