Is Taken In Hand a political matter?

Is Taken In Hand a political matter?

No. Not at all! In fact, we have readers and writers of all sorts of different political persuasions. We probably all disagree with one another about politics, but we have in common that we are drawn to the idea of a Taken In Hand relationship. We ask posters not to get into political discussions on this site, and we often delete posts whose focus is political rather than being about Taken In Hand relationships.

This site is in no way intended to be political. It is in no way intended to be making any political point or argument. It is a site about relationships, and only about relationships. It is aimed only at those who might be or are drawn to the kind of relationships we talk about here. It is not intended to convert anyone to anything. It is not intended to be for everyone. It is not intended to criticise other choices. It is just a supportive resource for people who want or are in this kind of relationship.

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