Is a Taken In Hand woman a downtrodden doormat yes-woman?

Is a Taken In Hand woman a downtrodden doormat yes-woman?

No. Taken In Hand wives are not downtrodden: their husbands treat them exceptionally well. Indeed, Taken In Hand husbands put their relationship and their wife first.

Taken In Hand wives are not doormat yes-women either. They are typically anything but that. Taken In Hand wives tend to be strong, competent, accomplished, intelligent, high-dominance alpha women and are not submissive (unless you deem all those who prefer to live under the firm control of their husband to be so). Taken In Hand wives do not diminish themselves, and indeed, women often feel powerful and free in a Taken In Hand relationship.

Being a downtrodden doormat yes-woman sounds miserable, as though the woman is gritting her teeth and suffering in resentful silence, love diminishing by the day, if not long-gone. By contrast, Taken In Hand relationships tend to be exceptionally happy, with both spouses striving energetically to better meet the other's needs as their Taken In Hand relationship evolves.

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Vital and alive - fantasy and reality come together

Far from being a doormat, the woman correctly taken in hand is empowered by her husband's guidance, direction and support. She is vital and alive and that is just how he wants her to be.

Reply to Douglas

Not only is the woman how the man wants her to be, she is as she wants to be. That's what makes this type of relationship work -it satisfies the needs of both parties.