I never learn

I should by now know better than to make rash statements on this site, because fate has a way of catching me out at times like this. Nevertheless, a couple of days ago I posted a message to the Yahoo group in which I confidently stated that my husband's influence over me waned once he was (as he is at the moment) overseas. Long distance control, I declared, had no influence over me at all.

So yesterday afternoon my husband rang up to talk to us, and the children got to the phone first. While listening to their innocent prattle, my husband deduced (correctly) that I had done something that he had expressly forbidden me to do, and that he feels very strongly about. When I came on the phone he charged me with this, and I panicked and hung up the phone. He rang again, and I let the children answer it and refused to talk to him, he rang back a third time and no.2. son came upstairs (where I was pretending to be busy) and said to me “Dad says if you don't come and talk to him right away, he's going to be really angry with you.” So I went. He spoke to me sternly but calmly, and my panic subsided somewhat.

This morning I got an email from him saying “Do you still love me?”, so I emailed him back saying yes I loved, him and I was sorry I hung up the phone, but I'd panicked because I thought he was going to be really angry with me and start shouting or something. He replied saying “You don't need to worry, I was very angry, but this is the New Era of Detente and we'll work it out (or at least your bottom will). It might have to be the all-week spanking this time.”

So here I am in a thoroughly chastened mood, and he's 5000 miles away and hasn't even laid a finger on me (yet). Why did I say he had no influence over me at a distance? I might have known it was asking for trouble.

Louise C

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I will never learn...

I imagine the mental anguish you will be going through until your DH arrives home and actually does make you account for your transgression will be a greater punishment than the actual punishment.
I remember growing up when mum said, "wait 'til your father gets home." That was always the worst because I knew the board of education was going to be applied to the seat of the problem once dad got home.
Hopefully you and your DH will have further discussion before that time and you can come to some amends so you aren't dreading his arrival home.

To Debi

Thank you for your kind comment. I am somewhat apprehensive about my husband's return, but not exactly dreading it. He has been ringing me every day to tell me how much he loves me and misses me, and also to remind me that when he does get back I am going to pay for my transgressions. Nevertheless I am still looking forward to his return! He won't do anything until he's had a cup of tea anyway.

Meanwhile I have the weekend to make the house look habitable again. The only trouble is, he says he can always tell whether I've been cleaning up regularly or just at the last minute:

"If the house is reasonably tidy, then I know you've been cleaning up as you go along, like you're supposed to" he explained to me once "But if it's TOO clean and tidy, then I know you've been rushing round doing that last-minute clean-up instead."

I just can't win.

Choosing my words carefully

Oh Louise, I feel for you. You see I am working 7000 miles from my beloved. I am returning to the states in September and in the last few days my moodiness has gotten a little out of control. Two days ago, Top (my sweetie—and not only named for the place he has in my life) gave me a task that he wanted me to do for him and put it down on paper. What I had told him was that it would be about 2 sentences worth. It turned into 2 pages. The request brought up emotions that I had buried very deeply and I admit I was very taken aback by the rush that came to the surface. So, in my emotional state, which he already knew was going to happen, again before I did, he was giving me instruction on what I needed to do. I didn't take it very well. I was a nasty bitch to him on the phone. Well needless to say that didn't sit well with him and he informed me that my attitude was not necessary. He informed me that he understood and expected the emotional aspects of my mood but that me being hateful and ugly was not going to be tolerated. I am going home in 54 days and I will be facing him and I don't know what to expect. I know that a spanking is going to be involved. I have not fallen under his loving hands in this manner before and I admit I am nervous about it. Do I deserve it, yes! I was really nasty—and not in a sexual manner. I sometimes feel like a child in that I am learning to color with crayons and a coloring book and it is difficult for me to stay within the lines. I know that the more I practice the better I will become. I know that what I said displeased him and where I apologized and meant it—I know that I am in for some unpleasantness!!!

Knowing that a firm spanking is in my future has so many emotions running through my system. So I have a question that anyone with experience is more than welcome to answer. Believe me, I need all the help I can get!!!

I know that this is going to be painful for me, and he is seriously not pleased with my behaviour...but I feel so sexually charged up? Is this normal???? Or is it just me? He always makes me feel sexy and beautiful....but it is almost like I am in overdrive, makes me a little nervous but I can't seem to stop smiling. I love him and I know that I am safe with him, I just don't want to make any mistakes. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is this normal?

Well, I don't know whether it's normal for everybody, but it is certainly normal for me. Knowing I am going to get spanked, espeically when my husband is seriously annoyed about something, invariably gets me sexually charged up. I feel excited and tense and nervous, and, like you, I can't stop smiling! I think my husband just takes it for granted that I am sexually charged up by the prospect of being spanked, it would never occur to him that I shouldn't be.

I always feel it is best to be open with my husband about how I feel about being spanked. "I am excited by it beforehand, and I feel great afterwards" I have told him "But during it just bloody well HURTS!". At one time, I did have an idea that a spanking could be sufficiently severe to banish all hint of eroticism, but I have long since given up any idea that this could be possible. No matter how much it hurts, and no matter now much I may feel I really deserve it, it is still a powerfully erotic and thrilling experience for me.