How my husband took me (in hand)

I dated my husband for one year before we got married. While we were dating I noticed how dominant he was by just the things he said. If I said something that he didn't like he would say "Don't get cheeky with me." But there was this one occasion when my husband was so bossy that it made me quiver.

We were having an argument and I got really cheeky. While we were arguing the phone rang so he walked towards it to answer it. While he walked towards it, I mumbled something cheeky. Before he answered the phone, he turned around to me and said, "What did you say?" I said "Nothing" with a lot of attitude again. I could see the look in his eyes. He looked at me in a way that said you're going to pay for that.

He said go to the room now. I said no, and I got the death stare again which made me quiver so I decided I'd better go to the room because I'd crossed the line. In the room I was already thinking of a way to apologise before he came in. But I ran out of time: the phone call was short so he didn't have time to cool down. So I lay down on the bed facing my back to the door. I heard the room door close and it was about 10 at night. He said, "Baby, get into bed." My pride took over and I said, "No." In a very calm powerful voice he said, "I'm going to the bathroom and when I get back you'd better be in bed, and then we're going to talk about what you did downstairs." I thought to myself what a nerve does this man have? We're having a disagreement and he wants sex! But I did as he'd told me.

When he got out of the bathroom he had that look on his face that said you had better have done what I asked. He turned off the lights and put the side lamp on dim. And that look that he gave me made me feel so submissive. He's big built and strong. He's not that much taller than me and but he is very strong. So when he got into bed he immediately got on top of me and put one arm around my waist, and with the other he pinned my hand to the bed. With my free hand I touched the side of his face.

He then said "I heard what you said downstairs—I suggest you apologise now." So I looked him in the eye in the dim light and I said I'm sorry. And he said, "Say it again" and I said I'm sorry again. And then I tried to wriggle away. He made his grip firmer.

I immediately felt a sense of fear because he hasn't ever held me that hard before. But the fear felt so good that I immediately got so turned on and I said, "Darling you're hurting me." I felt helpless but I actually felt good being imprisoned by his weight and I could only escape if he let me. He kissed me deep and hard and that was so welcome. He kept on looking at me and then threatened to make me pregnant. I felt like he was just taking what he wanted and there was nothing I could do but just let him take it.

He then turned me to my side holding me very close to him while I had both my arms around his neck and he gave me a hard slap on my bum. I let out a sigh and he said, "You'd better start listening. He turned me on my back again and said, "I'm going to make you pregnant" in a firm voice. I whispered, "No, please," but I couldn't resist his masculine ways, and I didn't even fight back and he took me.

When I found out I was pregnant I felt like a whole women knowing that my man did this to me because he wanted to. He was responsible for making my tummy grow.


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I would respond to that

When I first read your post, I thought "well that's going a bit far for my taste." Making babies is a very permanent thing and should be decided by both people. But then the more I thought about it, it became more appealing. My husband and I have toyed with but mostly dismissed the idea of having more children. However I sometimes get the feeling that he wants more. I think if he could be assured that it would be a boy (we have two girls now) he definitely would want another. So, I guess if he decided one day that he did want another baby and proceeded to push us off the fence and make that happen, I wouldn't mind. In fact, I would like it that he took charge like that. Great post! Thank you for sharing. My husband is the sweetest, most laid-back, easy to please man and I should have no complaints. But I really want to stop wearing the pants and I love reading about the exciting stories of others. Maybe someday...

"Death Stare" Makes me Laugh

The part where you said the "death stare" made me laugh, that's exactly what my husband gives me when he is otherwise too preoccupied to deal with me, or it's his first step to see if I'll listen to him.

It must have felt very overpowering when he decided to make you pregnant. In some ways I wish this from my husband, it is highly erotic and intimate. I am also scared to go through childbirth and getting stretchmarks though, even though I know I will have to go through it sometime.

I am glad you are happy and that you have so much trust in your husband.

As I read your post I thought

As I read your post I thought "wow"... but then I got to the place where he was going to get you pregnant... To each his own, but children are a life long decision & IMHO should be discussed before one becomes pregnant. That said, this seems to be working for you... so I hope you & hubby & baby are very happy! Peace to you all!

I was putty in his hands

A good man will always thoughtfully consider what is best for his wife and his family when deciding when and how many children we have. It is completely masculine and erotic for a man to control this decision. My husband decided on the timing of our children and I was complete putty in his hands. Then again, I always am.


This is tempting. My husband and I both come from big families, so we dream big on this matter. My husband feels ready for children already. I want more time of him loving me most and us going out together whenever we want. He hasn't pushed much about it. A couple of times when we've been out drinking, he's kidded, "Are you bored with this yet?" when clearly the answer is "no."

Obviously babies bond couples even closer, but my married sisters fight with their husbands most about their children, and I can see why. They're in love with their husbands but still quarrel a lot. My husband and I don't participate in these quarrels of course, but we know from our expressions and talking after that almost always I agree with my sisters and he agrees with our brothers-in-law. This is of course funny for now.


A responsible husband takes into account his wife's wishes

Let's not get into an off-topic discussion about parenting, but on the subject of your Taken In Hand relationship, Um, whilst the idea of the husband deciding unilaterally is highly erotic, in practice, I think that you are very wise to wait until you yourself feel ready, and that your husband is very wise not to push you. And in the meantime, you two have time to think about some of those potential problems you alluded to, and come up with some possible solutions together before they arise. When you can see how to have and raise children in a way that nurtures rather than damages your precious marriage to the man you love, no doubt you will be ready.

Great story

I love this story and only wish I had the opportunity to do the same at some point. Unfortunately since our son was born (before the days we'd considered a taken in hand relationship) my wife has been told that she is unable to carry any more children so it will never happen for me. I feel blessed with the child we have but sometimes feel frustrated that I will not have the opportunity to create any more.