Him being strict makes harmless naughtiness nice

The Taken In Hand theory is that women test men to assure themselves of the man's ability and desire to protect and care for her while remaining firmly in charge. I'm sure that happens, and I don't want to protest too much.

But it doesn't explain why I'm “bad” even while feeling sure, more than sure, downright satisfied with my man. I find a more pleasant explanation in the hypothalamus, the bit of brain responsible for sexual desire, heat, hunger, aggression and fear. Because of this connectivity in the hypothalamus, people often get sexually excited by transgressive behaviors. Fortunately my husband's strict, so I don't have to do much to think I'm being naughty, and I also have a strong seemingly sexual desire to be good and approved by him.

A lot of people here like to think Taken In Hand is a little naughty. I can understand that, but mostly I like to think of my husband as irreproachable, not at all naughty, when he takes me in hand. He says he likes to think of himself as right as well.


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