Relinquishing control can be very powerful

Through my giving my husband control in our relationship, Mr Lucky feels ownership of our relationship. He feels like it is up to him to make it flourish. Instead of fighting against me, he wants to take care of and nurture me. To help me be the best that I can be. The health of our relationship is a direct reflection of the quality of his leadership. He is constantly amazing me with his insights and wisdom and his consistent drive to be his best self. To prove to me that he is worthy of my trust and admiration and that my decision to let him lead was the right decision. Heady stuff.

Even though it might sound counter-intuitive, relinquishing control can actually make it more likely that your needs will be met, that your opinions will be considered and that your relationship will flourish.

If a man is not constantly fighting you for leadership, but feels that he IS the leader in your relationship that frees him up to be generous.

In my experience it is way more fun and satisfying for all involved!

I agree—I feel more connected

I agree—the change you described in our power dynamic is one of several paradoxes at work in my marriage after discovering Taken In Hand. I love it and find it sexy when my husband tells me what to do, now. Instead of calculating the risk of losing my power in our relationship, I just do it and enjoy the increase in his love and trust in me. His love for me grows, as does his confidence in himself. Its fun—and challenging—and sexy especially if he asks me to do something that I might not want to do (like cut his hair—eek!).

Prior to discovering Taken In Hand, my husband would never ever tell me what to do. It isn't part of his usual way of being. I probably would not have responded well, either. But now, I ask him very nicely and politely to please tell me what to do so that I can have the joy of doing it. I feel that he knows about me, our lives aren't parallel like they used to be, but intersect at parts of the day.

We have been married 14 years and Taken In Hand has given us a breath of new life. I feel like a teenager who can't wait for my boyfriend to get off work so we can be together. Amazing.