James Bond and Taken in Hand

My husband and I are new to this site and it has transformed our life together. We are in our mid 40s and married 14 years. We are much more free, lively and connected now. Through this site I feel I have found my "tribes women" and that I am not alone. Bringing this site to my husband is opening up a side of him that is deeply satisfying to both of us.

One of the many fun parts of exploring the Taken in Hand side of my life has been rediscovering books, movies etc. that first excited me as an adolescent just emerging into sensual life -- the life of adult relationships. I was and am attracted to strong male led relationships. And I thought I was weird until just a few months ago.

I read the entire James Bond series when I as 12 or 13 years old. I devoured them voraciously, and wondered what kind of stange girl I was to crave this masculine energy? I figured it was something that I would have to "get over" in order to be normal.

I cast aside that thought and decided to reconnect to my young me and see what she was so excitd by. I picked them up again about a month ago and found to my delight that the books reveal a much different man than the movies. Bond is strong, protective, romantic and firm. He is flawed, but lovable. The women he is attracted to are also strong, connected to nature, intelligent and resourceful. He is particularly drawn to "a bird with a wing down."

I find my husband stands up quite well to Bond in that he is able to negotiate the real life challenges of fatherhood and husband-ing that elude the fiction hero.

Anyone else have thoughts on James Bond or any other heros that catch our fancy as the Taken in Hand Tribe?

Angela T