How do you create the endorphin release?

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I was intrigued by some recent posts on the topic of how women feel after a spanking, such as a warm dreamy feeling or sexual arousal. On the web there is much talk of spankings causing the submissive woman to release endrophins, which has an effect of the woman not minding the pain, feeling wonderful sensations, and getting aroused.

If this sounds like your experience my main questions are: how long does this take, and how hard the spanking? I asked my hubby to try this with me last night, but it just felt like strong wacks to me, though afterwards my rear end felt fine, not sore. Maybe we didn't do it long or hard enough. Maybe it's like having an orgasm, you don't know how it feels until you have one.


Spanking and endorphins

I think really it doesn't matter how long or how hard you are spanked, if you aren't a person who finds being spanked thrilling, then I don't think it's going to produce that warm happy glow. I could be quite wrong about this, but I get the impression that you are not really into spanking, and I think if you're not probably no amount of whacking is going to produce that glow. If you don't have that burning desire to be spanked, then i don't know whether a burning bottom is going to do anything for you.


I expect you are probably right. I only do it to turn on my husband. (it's quite effective!) But it's not something I ever fantasized about. I wondered if had an endorphin experiance would create the desire to do it, but from your post I gather the desire comes first.


I get the endorphins

For me (and I know that this is not true for everyone. Louise, for one, never cries from spanking, as I understand it), I have to be taken to the point of crying or nearly crying and no longer fighting. That is when we know that I have released endorphins. I just relax. Crying always has this effect on me, sometimes I cry for no discernible emotional reason. It's like my body is crying because it needs the chemicals that are released and excreted by crying.

We only worry about that with punishment spankings though. When my husband is spanking me just because he wants to (or because I asked for it outright), he relies on the sex and orgasm afterwards to give me an endorphin release.

It does depend on the person and their brain chemistry. Some people are more sensitive to endorphin effect and some people release it more easily than others. Certainly pain is what triggers the body to release endorphins in many instances, so you could try harder if you really want to know what it feels like. I wouldn't distress over it though. It is nice, but not that big a deal.


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thanks for the link. Funny how the endorphin high reminds me of orgasms. They take time, what works one day not another, etc. The main difference (for me) is that I don't need or really want pain to reach orgasm.


Pain and orgasms

I don't actually need pain to reach an orgasm. I sometimes have an orgasm without any pain at all, like when I give myself one for instance. I find sex more enjoyable if I have been spanked beforehand, but I'm not more likely to have an orgasm if I've been spanked than if I haven't. Spanking is something I have a craving for for its own sake, rather than an as a means of reaching an orgasm, which, for me, it isn't. For me, there is no surefire way of having an orgasm, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It's never guaranteed.


Dear Newbie,

It takes a long spanking with a steady increase in intensity to get to the point where endorphins are released. A few whacks won't do it.