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Take a look at the sidebars and the main menu at the top of the page. The links will help you find what you are looking for.

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Following the links in this section of the sidebar should help you find out what Taken In Hand is all about. Don't miss What you need to know about Taken In Hand, which contains important background information about Taken In Hand ideas. We strongly advise those new to the site to read the FAQ (answers to frequently-asked questions) and to take the tour.


In this section you will find a variety of lists and ways of searching the articles on the site.

The main articles on the site are on the front pages, with the most recent at the top of the page and the oldest at the bottom. Links to earlier front page articles are at the foot of the page.

You can find a complete list of all front page articles by clicking the Front page articles link. That page lists them in chronological order, starting with the most recent article and ending with the one posted first. To see a list of all the front page articles in the opposite order, click the appropriate link at the top of this page. To see an alphabetically-ordered list of front page articles, click the List alphabetically link in the sidebar on the left.

Not all articles are on the front page. To see all the articles by a particular writer, including those not on the front page, but not including posts on the readers' forum or on the Yahoo group, click on that writer's name in the List all by author link in the sidebar.

Don't miss these pages

Not all pages are articles. This section of the sidebar lists some pages that are not articles. For example, one very popular area of the site is the Quotations section.

Reader discussions

Note that readers participate in discussions all over the site, not just in the “readers' forum”, so this section of the sidebar should be called “Reader-initiated discussions” rather than just “Reader discussions”. Below each article on the site, you will find discussions of the article starting the thread. Under each article on the site, you will find an “add new comment” link. Click that link to have your say. If what you want to post is about a side issue or not directly related to any article you can find on the site, click on the link to the readers' forum and start a new topic there. For those readers who like Yahoogroups, there is a Taken In Hand yahoo group.

Submit an article!

In this section you will find a link to the contributors' guidelines for those wanting to write articles for Taken In Hand. Please consider writing an article for us. One of the great strengths of this site is that we have so many different writers all contributing.

Technical & admin

Amongst other things you can find out how to contact Taken In Hand via a link in this section.

How to create an account on this site so that you can login and post

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The new content link includes all new content (articles and forum topics) on the site so you won't miss anything.

The new comments link lists all new comments on the site so you won't miss anything.

To read all articles on the site, search by author and go through each article of each author one by one.

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Further Information

This is a dynamic site!

Note that we often delete posts approved in a discussion only a matter of hours earlier (for example, if they seem spiteful, or if a moderator has approved something that violates the posting rules), so to be sure not to miss anything, visit the site often.

Searching the site

If you are looking for a list of articles about a particular topic, you can do a search for it. Click on the search link at the top of the page.

Posting on the site

To post something on-topic but not specifically related to an article on the site, create a new topic in the readers' forum. Please read this page before posting and observe the posting rules. Due to persistent trolls, spammers and suchlike, the entire site is currently moderated, so forgive the delays.

We sometimes temporarily bump a readers' forum post up to the front page of the site. If you notice that a post has disappeared from the front page, it is probably still there on the readers' forum. If it was not a forum post, it will still be on the site, just not on the front page. You can reach non-front page articles by clicking on the List all by author link (see the sidebar on the left).