Does the husband have to be perfect?

Does the husband have to be perfect?

Does the husband have to be perfect?

No, of course not. If that were necessary, how many men would qualify?!

No, he does not have to be perfect. Naturally, a man who has abusive monster tendencies might not be the best candidate for a Taken In Hand relationship, but there is no reason your average fallible human being who is reasonably sane and tries to be a good person can't take charge in his marriage.

Remember: in a Taken In Hand relationship, the husband is not misapprehension that he is an infallible omniscient godlike figure. He knows he is a fallible human being, so, to balance his power over his wife, he takes care to put his wife and the relationship first. He also knows that the point of the whole thing is to create a white-hot sexual connection and thus a rock-solid bond between husband and wife. He wants a happy marriage. That is why this seems like a good idea: because for those with Taken In Hand inclinations, a Taken In Hand relationship is fun, fascinating and erotic.

If you believe you know what perfection is, let alone expect it in your relationship, do not attempt any kind of intimate relationship, let alone a Taken In Hand one, because you will be horribly disappointed.

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