Crossing a hurdle

Darn, he got me again! My guy did. I have been struggling with identifying some feelings. He has been understanding, aware of where I have been and who I am. I have felt a malaise yet didn't know how to identify it. He knew it too, so he finally, after a long wait of patience, put the cards on the table. For me.

He gave a little space I hadn't asked for. It made me gravitate, unsure, closer. Then he asked me to talk. He asked me what is in my mind. What do I want?

He asked enough for me to respond and reveal. He helped me to identify how much I love him. He seemed satisfied with my openess. Then he backed off again, just for a day, yet it was long enough for me to spend the day wound up in thoughts of him and thoughts of what I want. Then he called, sounding like always. Helping me through what felt like an awkward "hello".

He knows, I know he knows, that he shook me. That he needed to. Me, skilled at burying emotion behind a smile and looking cucumber cool to the world. He helped me to communicate.

Why does he make me feel so different? He moves me gently, yet skillfully and helps me to work through and open my emotional barriers. He says it is about evolving.

I am on a journey to greater depths of love.


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Wow smitten


Hey Smitten, sounds you have the perfect man, and it seems obvious how much you two are in love. I only hope that my relationship can be as intense as you two have become.