Cat whisperer

Cat whisperer

This woman whispering really struck a chord for me—I'm someone who works well with animals, cats in particular. I used to have a number of cats over the years, and where I live in India, many of them were from the street, and didn't much trust most humans. It felt really good to be able to know how to calm and connect with them—domesticate them and give them a safe home—but as a child if I wasn't there to remind them of that connection, they'd quickly revert to wild behavior and run away...

As I grew up people have often commented on my feline attributes...and I think a lot of trouble emerged from the fact that I was also quite wild...I'd blow hot and cold...alluring and aggressive...on top of this I had a whole lot of opinions about the world that most men found shocking—in a word, I was a whole lot of trouble with a lot of emotional baggage attached—and most men tap danced around me, tried to grapple me with lies or with tasteless vulgar invitations, and in the instances where I tried to subdue myself for their benefit against my better judgement, I lost respect for myself and for them as well, causing a lot of self-loathing and a loss of faith in the existence of that thing called love.

These “encounters” (because they were hardly what one could call relationships) left me cold till I met my husband. He was a real “cat whisperer”... I don't know how he found the right words to keep me safe in myself...he's always exerted this tremendous power over my entire sense of happiness. He only has to put his hand on the small of my back and I immediately cool down... And in the darkest places of my mind he has the only authority to get me to open the windows and let the light in. He's always seen the “me” in me and from the first day he came into my life he unlocked all kinds of abilities and strengths. I'm a visual artist now and even that process is imbued with a sense of excitement as I know he wont be happy with me unless I remain disciplined and produce the quantity and quality of creative work that he expects of me...

Come to think of it, he definitely is a dog whisperer as well: whenever we're out taking a late night stroll, street dogs seem to become attracted to him, and sometimes when he's feeling playful he'll be surrounded by them, all of them lying on their backs to have their bellies stroked in supplication. It's quite funny to see some of the meeker pedestrians walk by and look at him as if he's lost his marbles...

We've been through a lot together, and have been through a lot of changes as people because we met when we were quite young—I was in high school and he was in college. Now we're in our late twenties settling into our jobs and homes...

And I guess naturally we seem to have been moving closer to a Taken in Hand relationship but when I found this site it really helped me understand where we are going and how to get there faster. So I wanted to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts. We've only just started this journey, formally speaking, and already I'm purring...


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When they really see you

Ophelia wrote:

He's always seen the “me” in me and from the first day he came into my life he unlocked all kinds of abilities and strengths.

That's when you know you've met the right person: they really SEE you--the you that you yourself see or that you aim to be.

Nice article.