Blossoming in his arms

It continues to be a surprise as to how many ways I seem to be subtly but noticeably blossoming in this man of mine's loving arms. I have changed in the most wonderful ways including feeling more relaxed within.

He offers assurance that he is there for me should I need him. He offers to protect me from anything that could threaten. He speaks with me in ways that I can be open and not feel shy, which sometimes I am a bit.

It is in talking that he is so effective. He never dismisses my thoughts or feelings. He asks questions and does not accept glossy answers. And this is how he helps me to speak how I feel.

And when we are not talking, he holds me in his arms in such a way that I wouldn't hear a freight train outside the window. Nor would I worry if it sideswiped the wall for he would keep me safe.

All of this is possible because I do not resist who he is.


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Blossoming in his arms

WOW!, thats the first word that came to my mind. I too feel so safe in the arms of my man, but it's not just his arms, it's knowing whether he's right here or 100 miles away....he is still right here. He gives me the freedom to make my own choices and mistakes, but not without trying to show me what might be wrong with the situation at the time. He is the first to jump in and either take controll over something I let go to far, or show me a way I could have handled it differently, but more then any of that he is the first to give me any encouragement that I need. See he is not only the man who has taken me in hand....He is the man who clears a path for me to walk on. He is my best friend.


Blossoming in his arms

WOW. I feel the same way. I have found myself with a guy who knows how I feel even when we are states apart. He seems to know when I'm having a bad day, and calls. When I'm lying with him I feel as though nothing could go wrong. The feeling of being safe is the greatest feeling I could ever want. I thank him for turning me on to this site. I have learned so much.