Beauty is skin deep; sexy is forever

My sexuality has to do with what's up in my head. My freedom to think for myself, make all my own decisions, be the powerful and sexy woman that turns a man on, is what counts. More and more it counts, as the body is less what I might want it to be (in terms of working properly and hurting—not in terms of meeting some stupid icon of a supermodel).

My mind that ranges through all sorts of sexual fantasies and doesn't lower its eyes and mumble, “Yes, Sir,” to some man... unless I damn well feel like it!

That's what's sexy.

My imagination that feeds a man's fantasies... and makes him so trusting of me that he will willingly give up his safeword to me... instead of the other way round ;-) ...that's where I'm sexy.

It's not about the face, it's not about the body, it's about what is ticking in the mind and what is happening in the heart. It's knowing that I hold the secret to his desire and I can make him sigh and moan and beg for more.

No man has to bestow the Cinderella gift on me of telling me I am beautiful. I know what I've got. Beauty is skin deep, and skin wrinkles. Sexy is forever.

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The Cinderella gift

Well, it would be very nice to be so independent that you didn't give a damn whether a man thought you were beautiful or not, but frankly I do get great pleasure out of being told by my husband that I am beautiful and desirable.

That he still finds me sexy is very reassuring to me, especially now that I'm forty-eight, have three children, and, in the immortal words of Grace Under Fire "I can hide a tin of catfood under each breast."

But then I'm not powerful, and my sexual fantasies don't range very far anyway, I've only ever really had one kind of sexual fantasy, and I don't suppose anyone on this website needs to be told what kind.

Oh, Louise--you are such a hoot!

Oh, Louise--you are such a hoot! I'm just a--what do you call it?--a "lurker" but I enjoy your comments! I am new to to this website and my husband and I are working through the first changes and it is exciting and HARD. Charlotte

Thank you.

It's very nice to know you enjoy my comments. I hope you and your husband manage to work everything out okay. Hope you keep reading this site, there's always interesting stuff coming up on here.