As the head of our household I put my wife first

When my wonderful fiancée put her trust in me to be the leader of our family, it wasn't done on a whim. I earned her trust and continue to do so on a daily basis. The incredible responsibility of knowing that the buck stops with me, has made me strive to be the best leader, partner, father, and person I can possibly be. By giving me leadership, she gets more consideration and attention than any other woman has ever had from me.

My darling Lisa is not a slave or a servant. Her needs and opinions are always part of any decision I make. If anything, I am the servant, as any good leader always is! Our relationship is my master, and I serve it willingly and to the best of my ability. How else could I accept the authority of head of our household?

We are not religious, so I do not regard my position as head of the household as being god-given. My leadership could be rejected at any time. My treasured wife-to-be is not weak, and has run her own household for many years. I have leadership for no other reason than through merit, and because my wife prefers it, and as I have said, I must earn my position over and over again by putting her and the children's needs above my own and making the best decisions possible.


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Sounds like a winner. Thanks for the article.


Gary...Keep that focus...

You give me hope that there are men out there who meet the description of leader and will do all the things you described for the rest of their lives.

For you and your family...keep your focus in the direction you are going. It will mean more to your SO and your family more than you will ever know.

Thank you for sharing.

He puts me first

Gary—My husband shares your values. He is the head of the household—and earns my trust and confidence daily. Our children (his, mine and ours) and me come first in his mind for all his decisions, and because I know that, it is much easier to obey him.