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A deep feeling of peacefulness
A friendly battle both want the man to win
A powerful erotic connection
Advice for men seeking a Taken In Hand relationship
Advice for men wanting their marriage to become Taken In Hand
Advice for women seeking a Taken In Hand relationship
Advice for women wanting their marriage to become Taken In Hand
Amazing communication
Appreciating the one you love
Articles about communication
Articles about control
Articles about getting and giving attention in a relationship
Articles about male dominance
Articles about marriage
Articles about obedience
Asking your husband to take charge after years of marriage
Becoming and being all you want to be
Being brought to submission
Being head of the household
Being in charge should not mean being domineering or bullying
Being sensitive to each other’s needs and wishes
Cherishing one another in a relationship
Civilised gentlemen
Concentrated focus
Consensual non-consent
Do you have courage?
Dynamic, evolving relationships, not static, stereotypical ones
Exploring your deepest desires
Feeling appreciated, accepted and admired
Feeling intensely alive
Feeling powerful
Feeling protected, loved, secure and cared for
Feeling worshipped and adored
Flourishing, blossoming, evolving, personal growth
Great relationships
Hardcore high intensity challenging interactions
Home and family
Honouring those you love
Honouring yourself
How this benefits the relationship
How to find the one for you
How to improve your relationship
How to tell him or her
Husbands taking control after years of marriage
Improving relationships
Introductory articles
Is there abuse in your relationship?
Joy-filled relationships
Just a little control
Kindness in a relationship
Leaders who serve those they lead
Learning from your mistakes
Living a rich, vibrant, fulfilling life
Maintaining a non-defensive spirit
Maintaining control
Many Taken In Hand women need to be conquered
Married for life
Masculine power
Men seeking/in Taken In Hand relationships ACTIVELY control
Men wearing the trousers/pants in the relationship
Men who are protective and offer protection
Men who cherish the one they love
Mutual support in a relationship
Naturally dominant men
Not submissive
On being mastered; mastery
Openness and honesty in a relationship
Ownership and being owned
Possession and being possessed
Problems seem easier to solve
Questioning assumptions
Rape fantasy, being taken, being ravished, being forced, rough sex
Readers’ accounts
Reconnecting and remaining connected
Relationships that last forever
Resolving disagreements quickly, creatively and positively
Reverence (reverent relationships)
Sexual exclusivity
Solving problems
Strong, competent, high dominance alpha women
Taken In Hand feels liberating
Taken In Hand feels right
Taken In Hand philosophy
Taken In Hand relationships are consensual
Taken In Hand relationships come in many varieties
Taken In Hand women do not diminish themselves
Taking action
Taking her in hand requires no physical force
Taming, being tamed
The alpha male
The exercise of authority in a consensual relationship
The man has the balance of power
The man puts the relationship and his wife first
The psychology of control
The psychology of the man in a Taken In Hand relationship
The psychology of the woman in a Taken In Hand relationship
The thrill of the contrast between us
These relationships are deeply connected, engaged and intimate
Treating each other with respect
What people say about Taken In Hand
What's in it for the man?
What's in it for the woman?
Taken In Hand relationships are wholehearted
Woman qua woman—feeling aware of yourself as being a woman
Women of strength
Women often feel powerful and free when taken in hand
Women wanting their man to be in charge
You and me—ordinary people