A love letter

My dear, did you think I did not have high expectations? Let me tell you what I was looking for in a man, and I will let you judge the level of expectations along with the ladies of the group as to how high I was on a scale of one to ten.

First there was truthfulness. I looked for and found that. He had to have the genuine thing which meant he looked into the mirror and could commit to a life of honesty which meant a life according to his deepest values lived each day demonstrated through his interactions with others.

Second I looked for and found humility. I saw a man who lives close to the earth and recognizes our connection to it and how our very survival depends upon our respecting it. I saw a man who passed credit for accomplishments on to his teammates, his fellow employees and coworkers or family members. I saw a man who most times chose to think well of others rather than not.

Third I saw a man who respected confidentiality that excluded even me. A list member, well known here in the past, had assumed you had shared her story with me that she had asked you to keep private. She was quite amazed to find you had not, and notably impressed.

Fourth I found wisdom. Wisdom grown out of experience and based in intelligent thought. I really liked that, and it was deeply important to me.

Fifth is flexibility. You are so adaptable and willing to try most things without too much fuss at least for a short while. You like most things and eat most foods, even vegetables.

Sixth is generosity. You are the most generous man I know and will share most all of what you have with those who need or want it, I have noticed this about you.

Seventh is one that most do not require and neither did I really and most likely should not be included in this list, but it was a nice bonus about you... originality. You are most original in your thought and it has been such a delightful experience for me that I simply cannot write this without mentioning it. There are other things like passion and idealism, and sweetness. You were sweet when you brought me tulips after a spanking that one April day. I will never forget that.

Eighth is you accepted my consent for our relationship and in turn gave me yours...

And last... you knew how to spell license two ways, which showed you had the sillies, and I most certainly had to have those.

Now is this a woman with low expectations?


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Dear Annie—your love letter was so moving. Thank you.

Annie's Love Letter

Annie's Love Letter was delightfull and refreshing to read.If we could only write our lovers a letter like that each and every day! I also knew a gifted writer by the name of Annie who had hair the color of buttercup and the heart of a wild mountain deer. So thank you owner of Taken in Hand for the gift of this website today as well. lol. God Bless all dominant men and sweet-hearted women!