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What you need to know about Taken In Hand
How to read this site
An overview of Taken In Hand
Could this kind of relationship be for you?
A brief introduction to Taken In Hand—from a Biblical perspective
Being taken in hand is hot!
Why you should not withhold spanking!
Is this really consensual?
Is there consent?
She wants to be taken in hand against her will?!
Is the idea of fairness causing trouble in your relationship?
No helpless hysterical heroines here!
Wanting a masterful man
White hot intensity and boundless joy
My perfect guy, and the marriage he has given me
Quiet authority
Empowering dominance
The dual failures of men
When rape is a gift
The subjection of women
The erotic power of the unshackled man
Happy living in fear of a man?!
Do you tell your beloved that he or she is exceptional?
The dance of consent
My husband's calm control makes me feel submissive
Can you be Taken In Hand if you're not submissive?
Do you 'meet as equals' or 'establish roles from the outset'?
The carrot or the stick?
The missionary position
Closing the gap
The resistant woman
SM / D/s / BDSM in a Taken In Hand relationship?
BDSM practices in our Taken In Hand relationship
Real life leadership or rules and rigidity?
My marriage is a safe haven
Power connectivity
Barbie is the doll, Ken is just an accessory.
Linguistically submissive
Taken In Hand—intimacy and romance
Given a choice between two men ...
Alpha male dominance
Quietly taken in hand
Don't forget your whip
Consent, control, connection
From BDSM to Taken In Hand
Getting To "I Do", by Patricia Allen: a book review
He isn't interested in or capable of taking you in hand?
Effect positive change by acting as if...
He's in charge. . . but I do it my way
In praise of Fascinating Womanhood
Could you be a slave, owned, property?
Why is BDSM so popular?
What if your wife feels scared and vulnerable?
Domestic discipline (DD)
Taken In Hand relationships are hot and close
Give me intensity or give me death!
When you've seen a happy marriage with your own eyes...
Getting it right takes time
I want it all, and I want it now!
The Total Woman, by Marabel Morgan: a book review
Natural flow
My friend, my lover, my rock
Is she afraid of losing control? Topping from the bottom?
Alternative therapy
Is spanking always sexual?
Resistance is futile
Make each other feel the luckiest person alive!
Equality isn't all it's cracked up to be
When your love doesn't want to get married
Love and fear
My husband and I face the world as a team
Who needs forbidden fruit when you have this?!
Si vis pacem, para bellum
A beginners' guide to spanking
Is your new man dominant, domineering, or a dithering wimp?
Freedom or invested in a deep relationship?
The importance of conquest
The Taming of the Shrew
Do you have a commanding presence?
The sexuality of ‘non-sexual’ dominance
Timeshare taming
Who says you have to be submissive?
Women want men who are more dominant
Learning the ropes
Romantic rituals for the taken in hand
The alpha male and masculine power
Out of control, insane, driven by our emotions? No way!
Knights earn the name
The paradox of the strong and submissive woman
What's in it for the man? Freedom!
Is the man's authority real if consent can be revoked?
Dominant to the last
The difference between dominant and controlling
I want... to be possessed
Ownership as bonding
He who dares, wins
Force majeure
A man leads with love and kindness
Does it have to hurt to be Taken In Hand?
Taken in hand by tenderness
The paradox of the master and the queen
Asserting dominance physically forcefully
It's all my parents' fault!
Is he driving you mad?
Women who take responsibility for their own actions
Have you found a proper balance?
The Night Porter: movie review
How we stopped the escalation of verbal hostilities
A woman must know that her man cares
The dynamics of our Taken In Hand relationship
Our type of Taken In Hand marriage
Familiarity breeds contempt
How are things different from before Taken In Hand?
The joy of the master-queen dynamic
Self-realization—the catapult
Bonded by rape
Handle with care... and honor and fidelity
Do you have unrealistic expectations?
Take her in hand without lifting a finger
What Taken In Hand has done for our marriage
How do you relate to one another publicly?
What easy-to-say word gives every lover pleasure?
Being Taken In Hand doesn't mean being silent
Consent makes all the difference in the world
The Virgin and the Gipsy, by D. H. Lawrence
Do you have the patience to make your marriage work?
The making of a dominant man
Authority in a Taken In Hand relationship
Who wants a slave?
Ever-deepening total love
The soothing effect of vowing to obey
Which comes first? Dominance or submission?
Why is this desire so powerful?
Dominance and forcefulness, and violence
To be taken
Believe it or not, she really wants you to assert yourself!
Is it a mistake to spank when angry?
What do you mean, you want to be taken in hand?!
Feeling thrilled by the prospect of being taken in hand
Taking it step-by-step making piecemeal changes
How should a woman dress?
Saying things for effect
Needing my wife
Loving, supportive and kind control
Never do without sex again
Acts of love
Shades of grey
The power of a woman who submits to her man
Dominance, integrity and needing to feel superior
My experience of taking my wife in hand
Too feminine?
Being taken in hand was really rather super
Help! The one I love nowadays rarely wants sex!
A good leader accepts that he is only human
Taken In Hand by an ardent feminist
The crooked path to where we are
A breakdown on the road to intimacy
Strength and ceding control
My wife cherishes me
In my room
Is Taken In Hand control real?
Taken In Hand has changed our marriage

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